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Personally, I don't find that amazing at all.   I would think that, since
it took DAYS to cremate my mother, this would be more like a cover up.
Perhaps he was drinking before he left and they're trying to hide it???

Speculatin Sue

> It is also amazing how fast this all came together.  By Rush's reporting,
> JFK's body was pulled out at 2 AM and the women's bodies were found later
> the day.  Those bodies were removed, identified, autopsied, and cremated
> a matter of a few hours - amazing to say the least.
> My humble apologies to all in military service for this embarrassment -
> deserve better.
> Dan Bobke
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> > You are wrong John Kennedy Jr. was not given a full military funeral.
> > He was served by a civilian priest.  There are also others of
> > non-military status, who wish to be buried at sea and this is
> > customarily too in the Navy.
> >
> > I don't like this either but this was the family wish concerning his
> > burial.  It seems so hypercritical to spend all that money to search
> > find his body, only bury him at sea.  The risk to so many in the search
> > disregarded to find him.  That kind of money could have benefited more
> > important needs.
> >
> > Marilyn Tomsky

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