Just A Dolt?!?

Susan Correll SusanCorrell at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Thu Jul 22 20:39:28 MDT 1999

Well, Jose, considering the facts that A) you do have a spanish name and B)
we have spoken spanish previously, I did believe you were, in fact
Hispanic.   If you are not, I apologize.  It's just that an intelligent,
passionate man, such as yourself, would have to be Latino.  No American man
I know, no offense guys, could have such fire.

As for the dog crack, yes, I did assume you had a dog.  Maybe you prefer
some other type of animal?  Cats, Birds, Guinea Pigs perhaps?

And another thing...

"When America has completely lost it's collective sense of humor, it's time
to move to Canada."
Sue's quote for the day.

> No, nothing is bothering me. "My people?" What the heck are you talking
> woman? My people? WHO are my people? You haven't been on this long enough
> know who MY PEOPLE are. Do not pretend to know me. "My people" for all
you know
> are all Irish. Just because I have a Spanish sounding name does not
> automatically make me part of a group, a "my people."
> Please, let go of your racism.
> Jose
> What the hell you talking about my dog? Oh I see, more racism
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