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>Personally, I don't find that amazing at all.   I would think that,
>since it took DAYS to cremate my mother, this would be more like a
>cover up. Perhaps he was drinking before he left and they're trying
>to hide it???

I think we are over reacting with cynicism here. Anything is possible
but I think the simple answer is the correct one in this case.

It is unarguable that JFK was one of the most popular presidents in
our history second only to Ronaldus Maximus. It is also unarguable
that as a family the Kennedy's have made significant contributions in
service to this country starting with Joe and that they have endured
more personal tradegies then most families (albiet some was due to
their own arrogance and recklessness). Equally true that a few of
them have tried their best to undo all that, especially, Ted the
drunken woman killer. That not withstanding, Jackie went out of her
way to shield John, Jr. and Caroline from the media and public in
general. Those that admired JFK look at John, Jr. as they do his
father. He is completely unknown to us for the most part and
therefore has done nothing to alienate anyone. So in most people's
minds he is everything they thought his father was (we rarely
remember the bad side of popular people).

Having said all that the reaction is understandable from the public
and I for one do not begrudge them a Naval burial at sea. Is it
demeaning to those that served and were buried at sea? Very little if
any when assoicated with the Kennedy history in service in the Navy,
IMO. I suggest that a traditional burial (regardless of whether it
was Arlington or not) would have drawn out the media coverage for
much longer (isn't it odd how the rest of the world has completely
stopped because of this, I can't remember the the last time I heard
news of Kosovo). I do not begrudge the Kennedy family (inspite of Ted
being one of them) a funeral that is not a media circus. I think
O'Reilley put it best last night, "this is not a matter of money but
a matter of respect." I would argue with anyone that does not think
the Kennedy's are due that respect in spite of some less then ideal
members. After all you can pick your friends but not your relatives.

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