Sickened ...

Daniel Bobke dbobke at HOME.COM
Fri Jul 23 08:34:33 MDT 1999

Well Dennis, I guess we will agree to disagree.

Still sickened,

Dan Bobke

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> At 10:01 PM 7/22/99 -0400, you wrote:
> >Personally, I don't find that amazing at all.   I would think that,
> >since it took DAYS to cremate my mother, this would be more like a
> >cover up. Perhaps he was drinking before he left and they're trying
> >to hide it???
> >
> I think we are over reacting with cynicism here. Anything is possible
> but I think the simple answer is the correct one in this case.
> It is unarguable that JFK was one of the most popular presidents in
> our history second only to Ronaldus Maximus. It is also unarguable
> that as a family the Kennedy's have made significant contributions in
> service to this country starting with Joe and that they have endured
> more personal tradegies then most families (albiet some was due to
> their own arrogance and recklessness). Equally true that a few of
> them have tried their best to undo all that, especially, Ted the
> drunken woman killer. That not withstanding, Jackie went out of her
> way to shield John, Jr. and Caroline from the media and public in
> general. Those that admired JFK look at John, Jr. as they do his
> father. He is completely unknown to us for the most part and
> therefore has done nothing to alienate anyone. So in most people's
> minds he is everything they thought his father was (we rarely
> remember the bad side of popular people).
> Having said all that the reaction is understandable from the public
> and I for one do not begrudge them a Naval burial at sea. Is it
> demeaning to those that served and were buried at sea? Very little if
> any when assoicated with the Kennedy history in service in the Navy,
> IMO. I suggest that a traditional burial (regardless of whether it
> was Arlington or not) would have drawn out the media coverage for
> much longer (isn't it odd how the rest of the world has completely
> stopped because of this, I can't remember the the last time I heard
> news of Kosovo). I do not begrudge the Kennedy family (inspite of Ted
> being one of them) a funeral that is not a media circus. I think
> O'Reilley put it best last night, "this is not a matter of money but
> a matter of respect." I would argue with anyone that does not think
> the Kennedy's are due that respect in spite of some less then ideal
> members. After all you can pick your friends but not your relatives.
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