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You wrote:
>I'm all for a national sales tax.  You would only be taxed when you
>bought goods.

So am I. That would all but eliminate the IRS as a bunch of thugs who could
harass the general populace and would reduce it tremendously in size.

So the rich would pay more than the poor since they can buy more goods and
services.  Now don't get me wrong here I'm not saying stick it to the rich,
but they usually have more expensive stuff and thus would end up paying more
taxes.  A national sales tax would be more of a voluntary tax if you didn't
tax food and clothing.

The rich already pay a LOT more than "their share" because the current tax
taxes them at an outrageous rate. But the fact remains that they would STILL
pay a lot more than the average because 40% of millions of dollars is a lot
more than 40% of $20,000. This kind of tax would equalize that. They would
still pay a larger percentage, but only because they buy more. That's fair.

>Now as far as the drug problem goes I think it should be legalized.  I know
>I'll get flamed for saying that, but what we are doing right now is not
>working.  We pump billions and billions of money into fighting the war on
>drugs and where has it gotten us?  You legalize and then tax the hell out
>of it.  Now I'm not saying that this is the answer to the problem, but what
>we are doing right now isn't either.  We have to try something new and I
>think this may be the answer.   Alcohol and nicotine are legal, but pot
>isn't.  That doesn't make any sense to me when alcohol and nicotine are far
>worse and more addictive than marijuana.

I don't know how much worse alcohol is than marijuana, but I do agree that
the war on drugs is totally ineffective and will continue to be. But that's
how they planned it. It's the "problem" (point one in the Hegelian
Principle) that, when the government comes up with a "solution," allows them
to make laws we would have never allowed without that prior conditioning.
One example is the patently unconstitutional RICO laws that allow the
lowliest cop to take you for everything you've got without even charging you
with anything.
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