JFK Jr. At the White House

Jack Tomsky jtomsky at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sun Jul 25 18:02:08 MDT 1999

   What I wrote was tongue-in-cheek.  The networks accepted Clinton's
statement at face value.  Fortunately, we have the JFK Jr. interview with
Chris Matthews.  Clinton tried to put down his predecessors by making it
appear at only he was caring and sensitive in inviting Kennedy to the White

   My favorite part of Clinton's answer was when he said, "But it was a nice
night.  I think that he really wanted to kind of come to terms with all of
it."   What does this psycho-babble mean?


Susan Correll wrote:

> Yes, but Jack, considering his past history, how do we know that clinton
> wasn't lying?  It makes him look really good if he's the first.  I think
> I'd believe jr on this one
> Sue-playing devils advocate
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> >    "John Kennedy had actually not been back to the White House since his
> >
> > father was killed, until I became President."
> >
> >    With these words at his press conference, Clinton proved once and for
> >
> > all that JFK Jr. was a liar when he claimed he visited the White House
> > both in 1971 and in 1981.  Kennedy even told Chris Matthews a phony
> > story about spilling milk on Nixon's lap.
> >
> >    Jack

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