JFK Jr. At the White House

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Sun Jul 25 19:24:38 MDT 1999

At 05:02 PM 7/25/99 -0700, Jack Tomsky wrote:

>   What I wrote was tongue-in-cheek.

        I was hoping you *HAD*, since the First Faker hasn't been truthful since
day one.......

> The networks accepted Clinton's statement at face value. Fortunately, we
have > the JFK Jr. interview with Chris Matthews. Clinton tried to put down
his > predecessors by making it appear at only he was caring and sensitive
in inviting > Kennedy to the White House.

        But, of course.........Clinton is the consumate liberal......he feels your
pain, he cares more than anyone else, he more sensitive than anyone else,
and above all, he knows what you need in life more than you do.

>   My favorite part of Clinton's answer was when he said, "But it was a nice
>night. I think that he really wanted to kind of come to terms with all of
it." What
> does this psycho-babble mean?

        Good grief, there's a question for the ages! I cannot even image, since I
find it mighty tough to think like a liberal.......in fact, it gives me
hives to even try.

        Now, if you'll excuse me, I've an itch to deal with........

John Q.

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