It's the weather stupid

Pam Charles bluecalyptus at YAHOO.COM
Mon Jul 26 10:06:07 MDT 1999

--- "Dennis Putnam, Jr." <dput at BELLSOUTH.NET> wrote:
> Hey, have you heard the recent news.  JFK Jr. was
> given incorrect weather
> information.  He was told that the visibility in the
> area was 8 miles which
> it was not.  I knew the media would find fault in
> something other than the
> person behind the controls.  If JFK Jr. was given
> the right information he
> would not have flown and would be here today
> according to Good Morning
> America.
> ----------
> Dennis Putnam, Jr.

Has anyone noticed, amid all the maudlin maundering over America's
Prince, that Red China has all but put the finishing touches on buying
full control of the PANAMA CANAL?

What the HELL is wrong with the moronic blabbering press?  One story is
tear-jerker pablum, the other is damned important, with extreme
consequences to the whole country.

Excuse me now while I sick up.

For the dePressed, Pam

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