It's the weather stupid

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Mon Jul 26 11:13:54 MDT 1999

At 07:04 AM 7/27/99 -0700, Dennis Putnam, Jr. wrote:

>Hey, have you heard the recent news. JFK Jr. was given incorrect weather
>information. He was told that the visibility in the area was 8 miles which
>it was not. I knew the media would find fault in something other than the
>person behind the controls. If JFK Jr. was given the right information he
>would not have flown and would be here today according to Good Morning
>Dennis Putnam, Jr.

        You guys ought to see the absolute equestrian fecal matter that I've been
receiving by e-mail! For openers, Sherman Skolnick is thoroughly convinced
that JFK, Jr was "a hit". I initially thought that, myself...........for
about three, or four hours. When one sees all the bad judgement calls that
John-John made (time of take-off, flight path taken, inexperience, etc.),
it's impossible to think this was a "hit".

        The most laughable piece I've seen yet, is one from last night. In part,
it said that the landing strip lights on Martha's Vineyard were so bright
that they blinded John-John. Therefore, he crashed.

        Did the author not stop and consider that the wattage necessary to
accomplish this would not have been possible?!?

Amid Stupidity,


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