His Holiness The Pope...

Mon Jul 26 14:55:41 MDT 1999

John A. Quayle wrote:


>Fame can be a prison and the media can be
> horrendously brutal. That's why neither Elvis, nor the Beatles could >live
> "normal lives" at the height of their respective careers.


>         Once, while on tour, Elvis had to rent an entire amusement part - just to
> break the tension and do something other than vegetate in a crummy hotel.

I saw once on a tv documentary about Elvis that he had to make
arrangements with the management of a Memphis department store to come
in after hours to do any shopping he wanted to do there.

I also never heard of Glenn Miller or anyone of his generation having to
deal with this relentless hounding by the public.  I think I know why.

People back then had a sense of respect for others.  Back in 1940 most
if not all teenage girls would have gotten a whipping by their mothers
if they were part of one of those screaming mobs.  Also back then people
didn't have so much leisure time.  They had other things to do.

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