It's the weather stupid

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Mon Jul 26 19:59:18 MDT 1999

At 08:25 PM 7/26/99 -0400, Susan Correll wrote:

>Well, John, as you said, I'm from Pennsylvania also. Harrisburg, for that
>matter. Deep in the heart of Pennsy.  ;o)

        Sue, I want you to know that Jose is right up the street from ya - just in
case that prior misunderstnding got out of hand. Matter-of-fact, you could
probably spit sunflower seeds out your back door and hit him.

>I'd love to think that we'd all "pitch in" to conserve water. I now don't
>allow my girls to waste water, or take long showers, or let the water run.
> But, we know that not everyone is willing to give up things. The
>Susquehanna River is extremely low right now. There are 1,000 cubic
>gallons per second (I believe this is the statistic that I read) less that
>the worst drought from 1962-65. Yup, it lasted 3 years.

        Well, over here in the west (just south of Pittsburgh), we got neighbors
turnin' each other in for waterin' their pansies, for petesakes! Even more
stupid, the local paper thought this was front page stuff - above the fold!

>Personally, I think that with society being as selfish as it is, Ridge
>didn't have a choice. No, I hate government being involved in our daily
>lives, but this is urgent.

        It really puts a better complexion on things for the Guv'nah to say,
"please, everybody.......would you mind *CONSERVING* a mite?!?" Instead of
"do as I *SAY*, or else!"

>Sue - getting darn thirsty

(reminding Sue that an ice-cold Guiness feels *WONDERFUL* going down!)

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