tax cuts

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Mon Jul 26 20:37:08 MDT 1999

At 08:27 PM 7/26/99 -0400, Dennis Putnam, Jr. wrote:

>I was listening to a local radio talk show today where the subject was
>on tax cuts. It just amazed me at how many people are against them.

        That amazes me, too,'s brainwashing at its finest.

> I just don't understand it. The government has done a very good job at
>convincing people that the money they earn belongs to them and they will
>decide how much you deserve.

        They are experts at this technique..........

> How in the world did this country ever survive without an income tax?

        There's an *EXCELLENT* question to whip on your liberal friends - if you
have any..........

> I have friends how actually look forward to tax time each year. This is
because they get huge refunds and think they are sticking it to the
government. They just think its great. When I told them I had to by 50
bucks to the government they said oh that's a shame. I said no, it came out
just right. They thought I was crazy.  > They just don't understand the

        Absolutely correct........

>The bottom line is we work very hard for our money and deserve ALL of
>it. Every single penny.


> We should be the ones telling the government how much they deserve, not
the other way around.

        Dennis, good to see your papa has taught you well! I've been thinking this
for several decades!

        You deserve to rise and take a good, sweeping bow.......


John Q.

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