It's the weather stupid

Susan Correll SusanCorrell at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Tue Jul 27 06:04:05 MDT 1999

Well, how about that.  What a coincidence.  Jose and I are neighbors?!
Jose, we'll have to get together for a coffee or something.  Iron out our
differences.  Or, John, I can knock him over the head for you for deleting
your hard drive.  ;o)

>         Sue, I want you to know that Jose is right up the street from ya
- just in
> case that prior misunderstnding got out of hand. Matter-of-fact, you
> probably spit sunflower seeds out your back door and hit him.

> >Sue - getting darn thirsty
> John
> (reminding Sue that an ice-cold Guiness feels *WONDERFUL* going down!)

I'll remember that, thanks!!

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