tax cuts

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Perhaps we should ask "Do you want the governement to give you more money?"

Dennis Putnam, Jr.

>This has been a topic of thought lately. Do you think that if we perhaps
>the wording of it, that it would be accepted better? That is: instead of
>that We want to give you a tax cut, we tell people that We want to lower
>taxes. Similarly poll people using the question - "Do you want to pay lower
>taxes?" as opposed to "Do you want a tax cut?" I know they are exactly the
>but you Americans (this list excluded) are ignorant and I believe a
>will help the cause. Or perhaps not.
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>> I was listening to a local radio talk show today where the subject was
>> on tax cuts.  It just amazed me at how many people are against them.  I
>> just don't understand it.  The government has done a very good job at
>> convincing people that the money they earn belongs to them and they will
>> decide how much you deserve.  How in the world did this country ever
>> survive without an income tax?  I have friends how actually look forward
>> to tax time each year.  This is because they get huge refunds and think
>> they are sticking it to the government.  They just think its great.
>> When I told them I had to by 50 bucks to the government they said oh
>> that's a shame.  I said no, it came out just right.  They thought I was
>> crazy.  They just don't understand the system.
>> The bottom line is we work very hard for our money and deserve ALL of
>> it.  Every single penny.  We should be the ones telling the government
>> how much they deserve, not the other way around.
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