Witchcraft Si! Christians No!

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Tue Jul 27 12:10:16 MDT 1999

>The Air Force has punished a junior officer who objected to
>sex-integrated assignments in the intimate confines of a nuclear
>missile launch center because he believes it conflicts with Catholic
>teachings on temptation.
>It is a clash between the Pentagon's push to sexually mix nearly every
>career field and an individual officer's belief that pairing a man and
>women alone in the underground capsule violates biblical teaching to
>avoid the appearance of sin.
>The married officer, 1st Lt. Ryan C. Berry, a West Point graduate and
>devout Roman Catholic, has the backing of Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien,
>whose diocese is the U.S. armed forces........
   with their "kinky" Commander in Chief finding no problem with having
an intern between his knees, little wonder the Pentagon has so ruled.

Ken Wyman

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