tax cuts

Dennis Putnam, Jr. dput at BELLSOUTH.NET
Tue Jul 27 17:34:00 MDT 1999

This is what we should tell the people who don't understand how the tax system
works since trying to explain it to them won't work.  All they understand are
government entitlements.  Most people are too dumb to understand how the system
really works even if you try to explain it.  Like I mentioned earlier, whenever
somebody gets a refund back from the governement they think it's a great thing.

Dennis Putnam, Jr.

John A. Quayle wrote:

> At 07:07 AM 7/28/99 -0700, Dennis Putnam, Jr. wrote:
> >Perhaps we should ask "Do you want the governement to give you more money?"
> >
> >----------
> >Dennis Putnam, Jr.
>         Won't this reinforce what want them to "un-learn"?
> John Q.

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