South Carolina

Dennis Putnam, Jr. dput at BELLSOUTH.NET
Tue Jul 27 17:44:11 MDT 1999

Has anyone been following what has been happeningin South Carolina?  SC
is the only state left that still flies the conferderate flag on top of
its capitol.  Of course this is a HUGE issue.  The NAALCP has now
boycotted SC and is urging other to do the same.  As a result several
big conferences have cancelled.  Do you remember a few years back when
Arizona refused to acknowledge Martin Luther King day?  The Super Bowel
ended leaving and played elsewhere.  Well, its the same thing here.
I have mixed feelings about the issue.  The flag should be taken down
and flown on the grounds of the capitol, but not on top.  The funny
thing is I don't think people even really understand what the flag is
all about.  No, its not slavery.  It is about states rights.  That is
what the Civil War was fought over.  The south belevied the governement
was out of control and was taking the rights away from the states.  They
were goining in the opposite direction of what the founding fathers had
envisioned.  As a result the southern states decided to leave the
union.  Well the government wasn't going to have this so they invaded
the south to stop it from happening.  There is no language in the
Constitiution to prevent a state from leaving the union.  Do you realize
that slavery occured under the stars and strips for 90 years?  It
occured under the confederate flag for 5 (1881-1885).  Slavery wasn't
abolished until 1886 which was another year that slavery occured under
the American flag.  So to put slavery with a flag is a little silly.  I
only wish schools tought what the Civil War was really about.
Gee, this sounds familiar.  The government taking away the rights of the
states.  Maybe SC is trying to make a statement.

Dennis Putnam, Jr.

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