It's the weather stupid

Tue Jul 27 19:18:39 MDT 1999

John A. Quayle wrote:


>         Well, over here in the west (just south of Pittsburgh), we got neighbors
> turnin' each other in for waterin' their pansies, for petesakes! Even more
> stupid, the local paper thought this was front page stuff - above the fold!

And who says we're not well on our way to a police state?  I don't know
if you get this stuff there, but here there's this water hose you can
get for watering stuff like gardens and flower beds.  It looks like a
plain old black garden hose, except for the rough texture.  The end
comes with a cap on it and you hook the other end up to a faucet or a
regular hose.  Anyway when you turn it on, the water seeps through the
hose making it look like the hose sweats.  Lay one of these down in your
flower bed and nobody would ever know.

Another trick many people here use is to water plants with the discharge
from the washing machine.  They would have a hard time going after you
for this since you're reusing water that would otherwise go down the

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