South Carolina

Tue Jul 27 19:38:42 MDT 1999

Dennis Jr, let me try to explain what the deal is with the Confederate
battle flag.  Considering my Southern heritage I believe I can help.

People in the South tend to place a high value on tradition.
Traditionally Southerners have a lot of respect for people who have
fought and died to protect their families and their homes.  To many
Southerners the Confederate flag represents the sacrifce made by these
men who were defending their families, their states and their way of

Organizations such as the NAALCP who are in the business of exploiting
racism for profit are trying to make a big issue out of this.

One final thought.  It's up to the people of South Carolina to decide
what to do about this issue.  Not long before the last election Governor
Beasley suggested a compromise where the Confederate flag would be
removed from the state capitol and flown over a memorial to the
Confederate soldiers.  Governor Beasley lost the election.

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