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--- Jim Nantz <jnantz at STUDENT.GC.MARICOPA.EDU> wrote:
> Dennis Jr, let me try to explain what the deal is
> with the Confederate
> battle flag.  Considering my Southern heritage I
> believe I can help.
> People in the South tend to place a high value on
> tradition.
> Traditionally Southerners have a lot of respect for
> people who have
> fought and died to protect their families and their
> homes.  To many
> Southerners the Confederate flag represents the
> sacrifce made by these
> men who were defending their families, their states
> and their way of
> life.
> Organizations such as the NAALCP who are in the
> business of exploiting
> racism for profit are trying to make a big issue out
> of this.
> One final thought.  It's up to the people of South
> Carolina to decide
> what to do about this issue.  Not long before the
> last election Governor
> Beasley suggested a compromise where the Confederate
> flag would be
> removed from the state capitol and flown over a
> memorial to the
> Confederate soldiers.  Governor Beasley lost the
> election.

I actually wrote to Governor Beasley on this issue, trying to tell him
that not all Blacks see the world through the same planatation master's
lense.  I got a very nice letter back ... explaining why he was going
ahead, his way.  Glad he lost.  He would NOT hear the people, not even
his own party.

I have an idea.  I understand that the flag in question is the Manassas
(Bull Run) battle flag that became popular as a general battle flag for
southern fighters. It was taken from the X-flag of Scotland (white X on
blue field).  Anyway, what South Carolinians ought to do is to vote in
as their state flag the original Stars and Bars of the Confederate
south. It consisted of a circle of 13 stars in a blue field adjacent to
three broad stripes, two red and one white in the center.

Better yet, they might re-adopt the South Carolina secession flag (see
atch), a white crescent moon upper left of a white star on a red
background.  The fools would never figure it until some Yankee from the
Nawth told on 'em.

Fo de souf, I Pam
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