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Subject: Dumbing for Taxes

The Moral Mandate -

Dumbing for Taxes
de Jan

        Having been convinced by most media and the White House that restraining
spending and increasing taxes in 1993 was enough to create a "surplus," ABC
News has determined that its viewers are not interested generally in
decreasing taxes. ABC apparently conducted a poll of its viewers to
find-out its effectiveness in guiding public opinion and found that its
promotion of the use of "level the income" egalitarianism ala White House
and handpicked Washington Press Corps pushes has been quite effective.

        When their chosen pollees were given four options... cut income taxes,
reduce the national debt, strengthen Social Security, or fund other
domestic programs... just 22 percent pick a tax cut, about the same as it
was four months ago with the same group. More than twice as many give
Social Security top priority.

        This shows a lack of knowledge on the part of these people that Social
Security's trust was dissolved in 1993 by this same Administration, so now
they are ready to buy another effective tax increase for more social pushes.

        These numbers held steady despite the $792 billion, 10-year tax cut
package passed by the House last week over Bill Clinton’s threatened veto.
The Senate takes it up this week.

        ABC is careful to point-out that this doesn’t mean people don’t want a tax
cut; just that most don’t give it an especially high priority, given other
Administration social-engineering priorities

        It’s consistent with polling over the years, in which cutting taxes or not
increasing them long has taken a back seat to fighting deficits or funding
specific, popular share-the-wealth programs. Of course, the mass media does
not tell people that "surplus" budget dollars are NOT real dollars, nor
that refusing to use a credit card is money in the bank.

        As President Ford once said, "The average housewife is smarter than most
politicians... she knows that any government that is powerful enough to
give you anything you want is powerful enough to take everything you have."

        I suppose "we are there." Apparently the White House and its ABC minions
are not?

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