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This isn't true.  Please tell me this isn't true.  Home schooling looks
more and more inviting every day.


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Subject: Using Our Tax Money........
Date: Wednesday, July 28, 1999 6:10 AM

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                   Child-Rearing in American and Canadian schools begins
                   with "Kindergarten" (Childrens' Garden). But as of late,
                   this has become a center of controversy for parents who
                   keep their eyes open.

                   Beginning with the earliest years of "education,"
                   are taught now that homosexuality is not only normal but
                   preferred in a most secular-humanistic way.

                   For those who are familar with Moloch, this is the

                        NEA Resolutions: "These programs must begin at
                        the pre-Kindergarten level..."

                        Pedopush The Push for Pedopredatorism as
"Mainstream" in
                        Schools and the Mandates for Recognition

                        At the Heart of Pedophilia

                        The Inaxis Group: Citations from The Memoirs of
                        Albert Speer Familiar Times, History Research into
the Nazi
                        Antifamily Era

                        The Columbine High School Massacre Inside a
                        Tragedy Awaiting

                        Copycats: The Song Continues Amoralists Want the
                        Trend to Continue in Schools

                        "It's Elemenatary" Pedopredatorism Directed at
                        Gradeschool Children by PBS With Your Tax Dollars

                   At the Heart of Pedophilia
                   aka, Pedopredatorism

                   1968: The Kinsey Institute issued a report in which it
                   stated that sexual response in young children could be
                   quantified and noted as predetermined. In the "study,"
                   Alfred Kinsey, a zoologist, personally stimulated (had
                   relations with) boys as young as 3 months.

                   1984: The American Psychological Association (APA)
                   "normalizes" homosexuality, ceasing to take the time and
                   trouble to treat illicit behavior.

                   1993: The Clinton/Gore Administration incorporates
                   sexual aberrance into government, targeting children,
                   using education and hiring mandates.

                   1994: The Clinton/Gore Administration appoints known
                   activist sexualist Janet Reno, a Deputy District
Attorney in
                   a Florida county, as U.S. Attorney General. The U.S.
                   Senate confirms her appointment as one of the last acts
                   the Democrat-controlled 103rd Congress.

                   1994: The Clinton/Gore Administration registers with the
                   IRS, under favor and compulsion of the Administration
                   itself, the North American Man-Boy Love Association
                   (NAMBLA) as a tax-exempt community organization
                   qualified under 501(c)(4) to receive federal subsidies.

                   1997: The Clinton/Gore Administration appoints NAMBLA
                   associate James Hormel to be U.S. Ambassador to
                   Luxembourg and the American press defiantly defends
                   the appointment. During Senate hearings, Hormel refuses
                   to renounce his pedopredatorism, resulting in Senate
                   Majority Leader Sen. Trent Lott's mention that
                   homosexuality is not a mandate for everyone. For this
                   comment, the press derides Lott seriously and he is
                   silenced by media censure.

                   1997: APA Publication MDM4, the manual for disorder
                   identification and initial prognosis, declares that
                   abuse of children is not a disorder. It further states
that the
                   use of such terms as "abuse" is inappropriate and
                   "non-judgmental" terms such as "adult-child sex" should
                   be used for what is technically and legally child-rape.

                   1998: The American Psychological Association (APA)
                   creates a summary report of supposed scientific
                   in which clearly the APA and its authors stated a desire
                   normalize the act of homosexual pedophilia.

                   1999: The APA publishes and so endorses the
                   "conclusive" end-of-1998 "studies" suggesting the
                   normalization of pedophilia. NAMBLA immediately praises
                   the report as "overdue" and noted that acceptance of its
                   practices of using young boys for sexual purposes was
                   well on the way to being declared "normal" by society.

                   1999: The Clinton/Gore Administration does an "end run"
                   around the U.S. Senate and makes a "midnight
                   appointment" of pedopredator James Hormel (Op. Cit.)
                   during the Senate's recess, automating his acceptance by

                   1999: The Clinton/Gore Administration mandates the
                   teaching of the "how's" and "why's" of the "preferred
                   beheavior" of homosexuality to small children as part of
                   its June 11 declaration of a National Gay and Lesbian
                   Pride Month. The press nationally does not mention the
                   Act so that there will be no contest to its inflagration
                   school programs to the First Grade.

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