Just A Dolt?!?

Carl William Spitzer carlwilliamspitzeriv at JUNO.COM
Wed Jul 28 10:35:54 MDT 1999

To be the AC Klinton would have to rule a middle eastern county.  Now
there is some talk about HalfAss L Asaud or his son.  But that was never
a very detailed arguement.  But in any case Klinton does appear to ahve
the qualifications.

On Tue, 20 Jul 1999 08:28:58 PDT Ray Thomas <raythomas101 at HOTMAIL.COM>
>You wrote:
>>I still think Clinton is the antichrist and will eventually
>>prove it.
>I don't see how that's possible. The Rapture couldn't possibly have
>happened. My wife is still here (unless she disappeared in the last

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