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THE FIA GAME By Janet M. Frederick Attorney and Counselor at Law

Many citizens in our great State of Michigan are unaware of Michigan's
dirty little secret that falls under the guise of the child Abuse and Child
Welfare Protection Laws. The advertisements and literature surrounding this
area seem to be doing a magnificent thing for the children of our state. We
have been led to believe that the State of Michigan is saving thousands of
children from severe physical abuse and neglect. This is far from the truth.

The truth is that this campaign is a giant money machine fueled by abuse of
power of supervisors and case service workers employed by the Michigan
Department of Family Independence Agency and private agencies that have
contracted with FIA that we the tax payers are paying dearly for through
our hard earned tax dollars. Basically it is "make work by creating a case
and keep your job or contract with the state government." The current
campaign to save the children is doing just the opposite. Parents and
children are being permanently separated and families are being permanently
destroyed under this new plan as a result of abuse of power in the name of
more state and federal funding.

I have been working extensively in this area of law for approximately two
(2) years. All of the cases that I am working on do not involve children
suffering from broken bones, bruises or starvation. In fact most of the
cases that I am involved in regard parents that merely spanked their
children by giving the children one or two swats on the clothed behind,
parents who have physically defended themselves from a physically violent
teenager, parents who argued in front of their children, recently divorced
single parents, parents with low incomes, parents who have failed to take
their child to a doctor for mere cold symptoms such as sniffles and mild
congestion, or parents who owned pornographic materials stored in a safe
place where the children broke into and viewed the materials.

According to FIA, the present state of law is that:

1) Parents cannot spank their child. Spanking, even with clothes covering
the bottom, is severe physical abuse. Parents are only to use time out,
reasoning and loss of privileges.

2) Parents cannot engage in physical self defense to protect themselves
from a physically hostile teenager. An act of self defense by a parent is
severe physical and emotional abuse. Parents are to use reasoning, time out
and loss of privileges only and must sacrifice their physical safety for
their violent teenager's safety.

3) Parents cannot argue or talk about adult subjects, such as family
finances, in front of their children. These are subjects that the child has
no control over and creates extreme emotional distress in the child. FIA
has classified this area as emotional or environmental abuse and/or neglect
of the child.

4) Parents with low income are neglecting their children's basic needs.

Low income parents cannot provide for the proper medical, physical or
emotional needs of their children due to their limited income. The parents'
failure to obtain middle income jobs means environmental, medical and
emotional neglect.

5) Parents that fail to take their child to the family physician for colds,
flu, sniffles and mild congestion, or parents who fail to obtain a family
pediatrician are neglecting the medical needs of their children. FIA has
classified this as medical neglect.

6) Parents who own pornographic materials, such as magazines, books, video
tapes, and conceal such materials from their children have created
environmental and emotional neglect of their children. Parents who own and
hide such material run the risk that children will find these material and
view them causing emotional harm to their children. FIA has classified this
as environmental neglect.

7) Divorced, single parent families seem to be targeted by FIA as high risk
environments for emotional and environmental neglect. Most single parent
families are low income and of course, according to FIA, cannot provide for
the basic needs of the children as measured against middle income standards.

Single parents work outside of the home, leaving their children unattended
or with "inappropriate care takers" (neighbors, older siblings,
grandparents, relatives) causing environmental and emotional neglect of the
child. Single working parents are unable to clean their homes
"appropriately" and leave their homes cluttered, disorganized, and untidy
(i.e. beds unmade, dirty clothes on floors or hampers, dirty dishes in the
sink from breakfast, unswept or unvacuumed floors and carpets, etc.) which
the family must return to in the afternoon or evening that is classified as
environmental neglect.

Basically, single parents tend more to their needs (i.e. working outside of
the home) that to the needs of their children which is classified as
emotional and environmental neglect.

Ironically, FIA complies a list of single parent households from the Friend
of the Court, sends prevention workers to the homes of such families and
initially offers the families free, voluntary services through their
prevention program. Such services include free parenting classes, free
nutrition programs, free household budgeting programs, free employment
training programs, and WIC.

The social workers in these programs compile information on the family and
home for FIA. Basically, when you allow these workers to enter your lives
and your home, you are allowing FIA to build a PS (Protective Services)
record against you for child neglect which leads to further child
protective proceedings in the Probate/Family Court which will ultimately
result in the removal of your children and the children being placed in
foster care. These workers are not hired to help you, they are hired to
make a case of child neglect against you.

Why are families being targeted by FIA. Most people have the misconception
that concerned citizens report child neglect and abuse. This is untrue! A
small percentage of my cases involve reports of neglect and abuse from
neighbors, family members, friends and school officials. In fact, the
majority of my cases involved the family receiving some form of voluntary
services from FIA, such as the free programs listed above. In the majority
of cases, school officials, such as teachers and counselors, never
suspected child abuse or neglect in the families that were prosecuted.
Moreover, in most cases the family physicians never suspected child abuse
or neglect in the families prosecuted. Families are targeted because FIA
must justify its need for State and Federal grants to keep its workers

Currently, FIA receives, in Federal grants, $2,000 to $4,000 per month per
child in foster care and $10,000 per child adopted out into permanent homes
after the parent's rights have been terminated due to neglect and abuse.
The State of Michigan provides matching funds to FIA. Bill Clinton recently
signed new legislation providing for an additional $2,000 to $4,000 per
month per child in foster care and $10,000 for adoption. FIA is making
money hand over fist through our tax dollars. FIA social workers receive
bonuses for removing children from their homes and for adoption. The
incentive for abuse of power is extremely high and has occurred at alarming

During 1996, Clare County removed 50% of the children in the county for
neglect and abuse in the home. It is very hard to comprehend that 50% of
the parents in Clare County are neglecting and abusing their children.
Clare County is a "demonstration county" that is a pilot county for The
Binsfield Laws supported by Federal Grants. These programs involve
privatizing the foster care system. The foster care program hires private
industry to service the foster care needs of the county children removed
from the home.

Currently, Eagle Village in Hersey, Michigan holds the foster care contract
for Clare County FIA.

How does the system work? FIA initially offers families free, voluntary
services through prevention services to the families on the FOC (Friend of
the Court files, AFDC files, Employment Security Commission files, Social
Security files, etc.) such as free parenting classes, free nutrition
programs, free homemaker services, free budgeting classes, free employment
training programs, etc. The prevention worker works closely with the family
to coordinate these free services by meeting with the family in their home
on a regular basis, once or twice per week. While working with the family,
the worker identifies problems areas that put the children at risk for
abuse and neglect so as to qualify the family for these free services, such
as poor parenting skills, homemaker skills, budgeting skills, and
employment seeking skills.

The flip side of this arrangement is that the worker is building a case of
neglect and abuse against the parents. Most problems identified are lack of
bonding with the children and nurturing due to the parents participation in
these free programs. Basically, the parents are putting their needs before
the children's needs by focusing on their problems as identified in their
participation in these programs. Furthermore, workers in these programs
work in tandem with FIA to identify other risk factors such as poor
parenting skills, why else would a parent take a free parenting class if
they themselves have admitted to having poor parenting skills. Voluntarily
entering into these programs is an actual admission to poor parenting,
nutrition, homemaker, budgeting, or employment seeking skills that put the
child at risk for neglect and abuse that lay the foundation for child
protective proceedings in the Probate/Family Court.

The Courts believe that the FIA workers are the professionals and take
their word as gold. The parents cannot defend against FIA. The testimony
and statements mean nothing in the Probate/Family Court. In fact the Court
can issue an emergency pick up order for the children based on only FIA's
statements in an ex-parte hearing conduct by the judge and the FIA worker.

The parents are not present during these hearings. The Court will issue an
ex-parte emergency order allowing the FIA work to enter the home or child's
school to remove the child from the parents custody. The parents do get a
hearing approximately two weeks later after the removal of the child but
FIA is only required to prove that probable cause exists that the children
are at risk of neglect and abuse if they remain in the home.

Approximately 90 days later the parents may have a trial to determine
whether by a preponderance of the evidence that the children are at risk to
abuse or neglect if they are returned to the home. Most parents plea to
abuse or neglect upon FIA's promise that if the parents plea and engage in
services they will get their children back sooner. Most parents plea to
charges that they have a temper, they have beaten their children by merely
spanking them, they have failed to provide the child with medical attention
when they had cold symptoms, or they are unable to provide for the basic
needs of the child because they are temporarily unemployed. The Court then
takes jurisdiction over the children, places them in foster care and orders
the parents to follow the Parent/Agency Agreement to be drafted by FIA. FIA
then engages in a lengthy and vague process of ordering the parents to
engage in specific services, such as individual counseling, parenting
classes again, anger management classes and counseling, psychological
evaluations, drug and alcohol testing, classes and counseling, etc. Once
parents complete these services, FIA informs the parents, usually during a
court proceeding that they have not dealt with the proper issues in these
programs that initially led to the removal of the children or the parents
have not satisfactorily completed the programs because they will not or are
not mentally able to comprehend their actions and the affect of their
actions that have harmed their children. It is a no win situation. FIA is
in complete control of the interpretation of whether the parents have
successfully completed the Parent/Agency Agreement.

Furthermore, if the parents elect to participate in FIA's services with
their hired agencies, then the parents never successfully complete the
Parent/Agency Agreement. These agencies are FIA's hired hands that build a
case against the parents. If the parents elect to engage in services
provided by professionals of their choice or referred by their HMO or other
health care providers, then the parents must pay enormous amount of money
for these services and for these professionals to come to court on their
behalf to testify. More importantly, the Court views parents hired
witnesses as hired hands and discounts any testimony given by these
professionals as being adversarial, unbelievable and hired hands of the
parents. FIA and some of the Court have gone as far as accusing the parents
of failing to comply with the Parent/Agency Agreement by engaging their own
professionals for service which has been deemed grounds for termination of
parental rights. It is a no win situation that fails to focus on the best
interest of the child.

Also, most children are placed with foster parents who intend to adopt the
children. The purpose of placement is to find the children a permanent,
stable and safe environment which they can live with dignity and respect.
The focus in Michigan is no longer keeping families together by repair or
rehabilitating parents to properly care for their children. The focus in
Michigan and across the country now is to quickly place children into
permanent homes. This means the pool of foster parents are usually upper
middle class with financial security. The children are then introduced to
the finer things in life like Reeboks, Nikes, Starter Jackets, designer
clothes, and other luxuries that the average working class or middle class
family cannot afford to provide for their children. The children readily
associate with their new parents as being the good parents that can provide
for their needs and the biological parents as being abnormal,
dysfunctional, poor, and unable to meet their new basic needs. Some
children do not want to come home because they cannot live the new life
provided by their foster parents to which they have become accustomed to
during foster care.

This system of protective services and foster care is very disturbing.

During this whole process, Department of FIA is raking in the Federal and
State grants to support its preventive, protective, and foster care programs.

These are our tax dollars at work and are being misappropriated and wasted
to create a foster care and adoption industry in our state. I am not
arguing that there are never cases of child abuse or neglect in this state.
There are real case of such that must be meet with the proper social nets.
But our current system is froth with abuse of power and waste of precious
tax dollars that has created false child abuse and neglect cases for the
purpose of creating employment for social workers and private industries
providing foster care services, counseling agencies that provide individual
therapy and psychological evaluations, and community education programs
that provide anger management and parenting classes. All of these agencies
are funded by our tax dollars which are being wasted on parents who are
only less than perfect and children who are not abused or neglected in the
legal sense.

Furthermore, all parents are court ordered to pay child support to the
foster parents through the Friend of Court for the care of their children
while in foster care. Parents pay on an average of $25.00 to $30.00 per
week per child if FIA is providing the foster care family through it county
agency. Parents pay approximately $150.00 to $2,000 per month if a private
agency is hired by FIA to provide foster care services. Nobody is sure
where this money goes once it is paid to the Friend of the Court.

The system of FIA needs to be restructured to make it workers accountable
for their actions. Presently, FIA workers have complete immunity from civil
actions in the State of Michigan unless a parent can prove that a worker
was grossly negligent in the performance of his or her duties.
Unfortunately this is impossible to prove. If a parent pleas or the Probate
Court finds that its has jurisdiction over the child for neglect and abuse,
FIA continues to have jurisdiction over the child and ultimately terminates
the parents rights, this will bar any suit against the FIA worker under the
immunity doctrine.

Once your child is in the system, FIA and its social workers are not
accountable for the worker's actions. The word is gold and the court's
accept the workers word as gold. The only recourse a parent has is to
appeal the Probate/Family Court's decision which is very expensive. Most of
my parents send approximately $10,000 to $20,000 in defending against FIA
in child protection cases, even when they plea. Most of my parents end up
losing their homes, vehicles, jobs because of court appearances and
engagement of professional services, and savings. Most of my parents are
forced into bankruptcy.


EDUCATION: Wayne State University Law School, Detroit, Michigan Juris
Doctor, May 1994 Board of Governors Scholarship: 1993-1994 Native American
Law Student Organization: President 1993-1994, 1992-1993, Vice President

Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan Bachelor of Science, magna
cum laude, June 1990 Major: Public Law and Government Minor: Art
Outstanding Senior of the Year Outstanding Junior of the Year Dean's List:
1986-1987, 1987-1988, 1988-1989, 1989-1990 Recognition of Excellence
Scholarships: 1987-1988, 1988-1989, 1989-1990 Recognition of Merit
Scholarships: 1987-1988, 1988-1989, 1989-1990 Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Sigma,
Alpha, Mortar Board, Golden Key National Honor Society, Stoic Society,
Outstanding College Students of America

EXPERIENCE Matt W. Zeigler & Associates, P.C., Troy, Michigan; Associate
Attorney, January 2, 1996 to June 5, 1996

Crenshaw & McMahon, P.C., Detroit, Michigan; Associate Attorney, March 27,
1995 to December 31, 1995

Sarvis & Herrmann, P. C., Bingham Farms, Michigan; Law Clerk, 1992-1994

Washtenaw County Public Defenders Office, Ann Arbor, Michigan; Intern - Law
Clerk, Summer 1991

Federal Civil Service, WG-5 Step 2, United States Naval Base, N.S.G.A.,
Homestead, Florida; Dietary Clerk, 1979-1980

Federal Civil Service; WG-5 Step 2, United States Naval Base, N.S.G.A.,
Homestead, Florida; Dietary Clerk, 1979-1980

Federal Civil Service; WG-5 Step 2, 4th C.E.C. Storage Facility, United
States Army, Germersheim, West Germany; Warehouse Clerk, 1978-1979


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(Murphy Minors)

It was Friday.

January 10 we were both at work when Kevin received a phone call from our
house saying that Child Protective Services were there with our children
and the State Police.

Stating that they were removing our kids from our home.

Kevin asked them to wait he'd come straight home, they gave him 10 minutes
to get there.

They had a search warrant for an x-rated video only and since the kids were
the only ones' home they searched the whole house before we got there.

Kevin called me at work from home to tell me what was going on but, I
worked 45 minutes away and they refused to wait (one of the State Police
officers had something to do) for me to get home to say goodbye so they
just took them.

State Police Detective Watt asked us to come to the police station and
answer a few questions so when I got home at about 5:30 we went straight to
the station.

They questioned Kevin for two hours still not explaining much of anything
to us.

Just that Kelly had talked to someone at school saying she was tired of
getting beaten (These are Family Independence Words) We later found out
Kelly said spanked.

After the allegations from Kelly changed from spankings to beating sexual
abuse allegations were brought against Kevin toward Derick but, not by

I was questioned next for two hours after about one hour of questions
Detective Watt said "Oh, by the way this isn't a formal questioning you
don't have to talk to us if you don't want to.

We don't need to even read you your rights." By Monday morning we received
papers in the mail stating they were placing our names on the Michigan
Central Registry of Child Abusers for Allegations of Child Abuse.

By June Kevin's name was added to the Michigan State Central Registry for
Sexual Abusers.

This happening after Judge McLaughlin dropped all sexual allegations from
all court records and proceedings and us agreeing to a plea bargain to get
the children returned home faster if we plead to having a temper and
slapping of Kelly's mouth If all other charges were dropped.

Thinking our kids would come right home after this happened.

We have since appealed Kevin's name and the Sexual Abuse Registry and won
in a Judicial Review hearing.

Ron Philburn the protective service worker talked and acted like he was
going to be our best friend and that he was going to help us get our family
back together again.

But, in fact all he did do was use everything and anything we said against
us and turn it around to fit his needs.

It was found at this court date that we needed an attorney so court was
adjourned and we asked for a court appointed attorney (Mr. Greer) for
$40.00 a month.

We got to see our kids for the first time since they were taken that
following Thursday, January 16th at the Clare Family Independence Office.

The first thing both kids did was run into our arms and ask if they could
go home.

Kelly cried almost the whole hour telling her dad how sorry she was and
that she loved us both so much.

Derick was crying, withdrawn, acting out and regressing badly.

He was very angry about being stared at through the glass mirror and them
being there and that we couldn't be alone and they couldn't just go home
with us.

The next visit was set up for the following week at the same time of 4pm
and the same day.

We went to court the following week with our new attorney Mr.

Michael Greer and this time the hearing was adjourned until the first week
of February for a pre-trial hearing.

After we read the allegations that were against us and had a chance to
respond to them with a not guilty plea.

There was a pre-trial hearing date set for February 10th.

In the mail we received a suggested service plan from the Family
Independence Agency and so we started to get to work on what was written in

We immediately joined a parenting class being held in Mt.

Pleasant by Kim Seidel for nine weeks.

(There were no classes offered in Clare County at that time.) We liked the
class so much that we took a second course right after the first one Some
of the things we learned we were already doing like time outs and loss of
privileges and such but, we also learned new ways of doing old things.

We had another hearing in March which was for the gathering of facts and
the trial being set for the end of April.

All paper work and facts were exchanged and released sooner and the State
Police report found nothing on Kevin for the sexual charges and it was
closed and the trial was moved up to April 10th.

This is where the plea bargain took place and unsupervised extended visits
were recommended by the Judge.

The next hearing was set for May 12th by the time this hearing came around
us still had received not even a half an hour extra.

The judge again recommended our visits extended adding also weekend and
working to get the children home by the end of school.

Our next hearing is set now for August 8th.

Everything by the May 12th court date that was asked for on the service
plan is done and completed.

In July Family Independence Agency notifies us that the psychological
evaluations we had done by Dr.

Jill Awtry are not sufficient that actually what they meant to say they
wanted was psychological testing.

While the kids were in Foster Care in the month of May, Derick suddenly got
into trouble at the foster parents' house with their 3-year-old
granddaughter for something called bottom to bottom.

When I asked Derick what this was he told me he didn't know but, Kelly told
me Derick told her it was when one person put their naked butt against the
other persons naked butt.

Derick told Len the foster fathers that he learned this from Kevin's father
(He died in 1986) Derick never met him.

We adopted the kids in 1994.

I got in trouble at the August court date for asking Derick what this was
and Kevin and I were both accused of whispering to the kids during visits.

So now our visits would have to be strictly supervised no more going
outside or playing in the gym.

All that was left to do was sit around a conference table for an hour and a
half and talk or maybe play a game.

The kids were so bored we tried everything bringing dinner with us bringing
new games and crafts the visits were as fun and relaxed as we could make
them under the circumstances.

After this hearing our court appointed attorney met with us and told us we
would be better off just to give up that there was nothing more he could do.

The Court was his employer and he couldn't risk going up against them and
losing his court appointed cases.

So we went looking for a new attorney and contacted Janet M. Frederick, Esq.

Whom we had met at a support group meeting, we had attended in March in
Harrison Michigan.

She took our case and started to immediately try to rectify things that had
already taken place and get us hooked up with the right people for our
psychological evaluations and individual therapy they were now also
claiming we never did.

In September Derick again got in trouble.

This time he was found playing cars in a closet with another little boy and
the other little boys shirt tail was untucked.

It was during this time with Janet taking over for Mr. Greer that she asked
us why our visits were going so badly.

Both us being very surprised, We got a chance to read some of the reports
on our visits that Brenda Bolin had written and were we shocked to read
what she was saying was going on during our visits.

Supposedly all we did with our kids was fight and argue and things were
horrible at every visit.

The kids in her perspective never ever listened to us at all and never did
anything we asked them to.

So by the end of September my mother was driving up to our house every week
for every visit we had with our kids and making sure that what was reported
was what was going on.

Having her there was the best thing we did.

We had until the October 5th hearing to have a bunch of really good visits
and finish our evaluations.

Eagle Village didn't show up for our appointment for the psychological
evaluations with the whole family.

So now another appointment is having to be made.

Court is postponed again.

The new date is now November 6th.

Evaluations are done and went GREAT!! The prosecutor has now decided she is
going to terminate our rights.

And another hearing is set for December, little is accomplished.

Our next hearing date is January 10Th 1998 It's been almost a year exactly.

Two good things though Janet gets our kids for us for the Holidays.

At my mom's house in Livonia for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We are not allowed to stay there or be there all day for Thanksgiving we
only get 2 - two-hour visits on each day and must do something else in the
mean time.

(These time restraints were set by Brenda Bolin without knowledge of the
courts) Christmas is better and we can spend all day for five days but,
because of work we get only three days to be together and hold each other
and miss each other. On January Th our Permanency placement hearing is set
for all day.

All testimony is heard and then our prize testimony ms.

Lynne Simons who did our psychological evaluations testimony is thrown out.

Mostly because the Judge just didn't seem to like her and her court
mannerisms we are accused of paying her off by the prosecutor.

We had expected the judge to send the kids back to us because of previous
testimony he had given us in December.

The Lansing Family Independence Agency shows up at this hearing and all
things change for us the Judge does a total flip-flop and changes side.

He is really rude to us and our attorney and our witnesses and then he
orders us to go to the prosecutors and childrens psychologist Mr. Chevalier.

Who has far less of a degree than Lynn Simons which he is only a limited
license psychologist which means he has to work under a real psychologist.

After meeting with Mr. Chevalier and talking to him we found out that he
gives out dated tests and only works for Family Independence Agency and
that he had been instructed to look at our background and makeup for sexual

The only good thing the Judge does at this hearing is grants' us six hours
supervised visits with my mother only and we can bring the kids home if we

Janet put in a stay of appeal for us and we didn't have to go to Mr.

Back to court we go now it is March 4th and another new psychological is
ordered with the prosecutor turning in two names and our attorney turning
in two names and the judge picking who he wants us to go and see.

The new court date will be set after we get these results back to the judge.

The Judge picks a Dr. Wayne Simmons to do our evaluation out of Traverse

The date is set and we go and meet the kids there for our tests and family

Kevin and I take tests and talk to Dr. Simmons on an individual basis
before the kids arrive.

Derick is wound up as usual and Kelly is being shy we handle Derick well
with both kids clinging to us and openly asking if he's going to let them
go home finally and Kelly getting unshy and putting makeup on me and derick
hugging his dad tightly.

The kids leave and Dr. Simmons and I continue our talk finishing up in
about 30 minutes.

At the end of our conversation Dr. Simmons tells me he can't see why the
children were removed at all because he can't see anything in their
behavior that shows them to be afraid of scared of coming home or being
with us at all.

He states he doesn't know why they were ever removed in the first place.

The final evaluations are received by Cindy Granson at Family Independence
Agency two days before court on April 29th and she doesn't bother sending
the reports onto the judge or anyone else so the court date is postponed
until May 10th so the judge and the prosecutor can have time to review the

On May 10th the hearing is resumed and the prosecutor Jamie Cotter as for a
reopening of the entire case (including sexual abuse allegations) Which the
judge denies.

The final arguments are heard by the Judge and at the end of the hearing
the Judge states he cannot make a decision today because of personal
problems and he will let us know within seven days of his findings.

His findings are for a termination hearing.

Friday, May 22nd Kevin and Janet go down to Lansing to file an appeal with
the Court of Appeals in Lansing and also to file an Appeal in the Michigan
Supreme Court.

We are not notified of any changes in the visitation so Saturday the 23rd
we go to our normal visit and there are no kids.

Upon calling the foster home we are told the visits are canceled due to

And after my mother drove all the way up there for nothing.

The visits are canceled by FIA with no reasons or excuses.

Janet contacts FIA and tells them they are in violation of the court
ordered visitation and that the visits are to resume.

We do not get another visit until June 7th after I write a letter to Brenda
Bolin at Eagle Village demanding our visitation and telling her we are
tired of driving for one hour to drop off and pick up our kids for visits
since this takes away from our visit time of six hours demanding to pick
the kids up at the McDonald's in Evart instead of Reed City since it is 45
minutes closer for us to home.

Visits resume.

The next court date is given to us for August 24th and 25th of 1998.

All our witnesses are subpoenaed and ready to stand up and tell them the
truth about us and our kids and how we are with them.

We get almost one whole day on the 24th surprising Judge McLaughlin with
the fact that Dr. Wayne Simmons the COURT ORDERED PSYCHOLOGIST being
someone who had examined the children and had terminated their biological
mother's rights.

Everything goes well and ALL our witnesses tell McLaughlin what good people
we are and how hard we have worked to get our kids back and the ones that
have seen us with the kids how good we are with the children and how much
they are loved.

McLaughlin hung on every word that Wayne Simmons said and the next day he
was asked to come back and testify more.

He was an excellent witness for us.

With court over now all we have to do is sit back and wait to see what the
judge decides.

There were many out and out lies told by FIA and Eagle Village and there
was some stretching of the truths.

Brenda Bolin and Cindy Granson were the ONLY ONES WHO RECOMMENDED
wait!!!!!!! And the kids wait!!!!! On September 29th the opinion of Judge
McLaughlin is announced.


We ARE GETTING OUR KIDS BACK! He orders immediate weekends unsupervised
starting October 2nd and ordering the kids home on October 23 for good.

After our first weekend together things are going so good Kevin and I are
scared to death but Happy and so are the kids.

On Wednesday, October 7th we get a phone call from Eagle Village and FIA
asking us if we can please come and take our kids home NOW! They are acting
out and driving everyone crazy wanting to be with us now.

They check with the Judge who oks this and we pick up the kids on Thursday,
October 8th in the afternoon at the McDonald's in Evart for the final time
and take them and all their stuff home.

There are many problems with our kids and with us all being together again.

Us trying to get past our fears and inhibitions and the kids trying to
adjust to being home and in a new school and our rules again.

But, there is no greater love than that of a family.

And of finally being all together again.

IF Anyone who reads this wants to know more or read some of the reports
filed against us please ask we are more than happy to share our case with
anyone who may want to know more and with whom it may help. Fight for your
Family it is always worth it. Call Kevin or Sheri

Murphy 517-386-4692

Clare County - Probate Court Case - 97-006NA Judge McLaughlin Presiding



JUDGE Thomas P. McLaughlin's Opinion in the Murphy Case Returning the
Children home after 22 months of fighting for their return home. This is
the positive influences the PAC can have in any case.


My name is Liberty Jabak, formally Liberty Trejo.

I have three Loving children.

Unfortunately in  95 of may I did not have a home for my children.

I did not want them to live in poverty.

Their abusive father whom I divorced would not help financially and I also
had no transportation for employment.

I had to do something to support my children.

I was struggling with staying with friends and family.

However my children needed a stable home.

I decided to turn to "Protective Services." My intentions were Voluntarily,
placing my children in foster care Temporarily, until I was able to provide
for them.

I called "Protective Services," placing my son and daughter in foster care
where I thought they'd be "protected." My oldest son was already staying
with my mom, so he could attend school.

It took only a week to gain employment.

Unfortunately months later, Protective Services moved my son to foster care
with my other son and daughter, from my mom and stepfather's home.

Protective Services said it would be better for my children to be together
and I agreed.

The social worker that I had, described to me a "Parent Agency Agreement,"
which would enable me to get my children back and included going to
counseling, parenting classes, maintaining a job over a year and would
provide financial help for housing.

I had a year in which to complete the program.

Visitation was an hour a week, not nearly enough time to spend as a family.

A year passes and I had everything accomplished on the Parent Agency
Agreement, except for housing.

I had not received any help but no referral was made by Social Services
which only prolonged my children and I being separated from each other.

I was saving money to secure a two-bedroom apartment since I was not
receiving additional financial help.

In October of  96 I married.

My spouse wants my children as his own as much as I want them back.

At that time we had a home, where I purchased beds for my children and
thought, "At last my babies are coming home!!!" Unfortunately on November
21,  96 the court terminated my rights as a parent and visitation completely.

Their reason was because of housing and them being in foster care for over
a year.

They also stated that there was no adequate housing even though a home
inspection had never been requested or done while my children were in
Foster Care.

We are perfectly able to give my children a loving home and a wonderful life.

Now, having to make a difficult decision of raising my children in a loving
but poor environment, or turning them over to "Protective Services" where I
thought they would be protected and taken care of...My choice would have
been poverty.

In retrospect, if I knew I would not get my children back, I would not have
placed them in the system.

I cannot bear to be away from them, it's been too long and I have put my
children through so much without knowing it would turn out this way.

My children do not know what happened and perhaps they think I abandoned

I am appealing the Judge's decision, which is currently pending in the
Michigan Supreme Court.

I miss them so much! Help my family reunite, and prevent this from
happening to another family in need.

Send support letters to: Reunification Support for the Trejo Children, P.O.
Box 715, Dearborn Hgts. Michigan, 48127-0715.

Or e-mail to www.LibSkids at PARENTS FOR CHILDREN PAC (313) 274-8980
DAW 97/08/19/ Paid for by Parents For Children Pac


"This court certainly regrets the somewhat confrontational approach Murphys
and their attorney have taken in this case. It has served neither their
children or them well.

It has clouded the issues before this court and has negatively affected
their relationship with FIA and FIA contract workers."

Judge Thomas P. McLaughlin


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