Hammer Control

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Fri Jul 30 17:31:53 MDT 1999

If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning.  I'd hammer in the evening,
all over this land......

Dennis, what a hoot.


> From: Dennis Putnam <dap1 at MINDSPRING.COM>
> To: RUSHTALK at hermes.csd.net
> Subject: Hammer Control
> Date: Friday, July 30, 1999 12:48 PM
> According to local news casts Mark Barton bludgeoned his wife and two
> children to death with a hammer. This occurred before he drove to the
> Buckhead area of Atlanta where he shot many victims killing 9 and
> wounding 12. The hammer was the device that likely caused Burton to
> become enraged and take his handguns into Atlanta to shoot innocent
> people. Had he not had that hammer he probably would never have shot
> those people nor of course beat his family to death.
> It is obvious to me that we need strict hammer control. Hammers
> account for almost 3 times as many injuries per year then handguns
> and more then 90% are children (12-45 years old). In addition many
> guns require a hammer to operate. Any child can go into any hardware
> store anywhere in the country and purchase one of these deadly
> weapons for only a few dollars. At flea markets there is absolutely
> no control over who is buying these items of death. We need a 5 day
> waiting period to purchase a hammer and only those over 21 with a
> carpenter's license should be allowed to carry one. Sledge hammers
> should be outlawed completely. There is no reason for anyone to own
> one of these huge assault weapons. A federal registration system
> needs to be implemented and anyone convicted of anything should be
> prohibited from buying one. This might be a minor inconvience for
> carpenters but if it saves just one life it is worth it.
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