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Tue Nov 2 19:15:32 MST 1999

Muslims Issue Fatwa Over 'Gay Jesus' Play

LONDON (Reuters) - British Muslims have issued a "fatwa" condemning
playwright Terence McNally to death for depicting Jesus Christ as a
homosexual in his play "Corpus Christi." Muslim cleric Sheikh Omar Bakri
Muhammad said McNally would face arrest and execution if he travelled to
Muslim countries.
"This should only happen on their own soil. We do not believe in political
assassination but obviously he would face capital punishment," he told
He issued the warning after copies of the fatwa were passed to the audience
outside the London theater where the play is being staged.
The British media reported Saturday that McNally had been alerted about the
fatwa by police at his New York home.
Muslims regard Jesus as a "Messenger of God" and that is why the play was
declared blasphemous by the Al-Muhajiroun group and Sheikh Muhammed, judge
of the Shari'ah Court.
The London-based cleric criticized Christian churches for not taking
stronger action against the play, which sparked protests when staged in New
York and at the Edinburgh Festival.
"The Church of England has neglected the honor of the Virgin Mary and
Jesus," he told reporters. "It is blasphemy for them not to take action."
The play shows a gay Jesus betrayed by his lover Judas and crucified as
"King of the Queers." Britain has a Muslim community of several million
people, many of whom are immigrants from former British colonies or their

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