Honesty from the network media?????

Tue Nov 2 19:17:00 MST 1999

I believe they were not completly balanced in their reporting on this
issue.  It's my guess that with all the workplace shootings in recent
years that a helluva lot of people have bought guns and let it be known
that they have one in their desks, lunchboxes, etc.  The would be psycho
decides not to shoot armed co workers.  That's my guess anyway.

Another reason they might have said so little about it is that they
don't have their usual opportunity to blame the whole thing on lax gun
control laws.  Hawaii has some of the most strict gun control laws in
the nation.  They require registration of all guns, and a permit to buy
a gun, and a permit to carry a handgun.  So despite their gun control
laws the shooting still happened.

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