Kristol and Carville

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                                                     November 3, 1999

 William Kristol Becoming a "James Carville" of The Right

    Once again William Kristol of the Weekly Standard smeared Patrick
Buchanan. In an appearance on CNBC's "Hardball" Kristol equated Buchanan
with the notorious Rev. Al Sharpton who repeatedly accused white men of
raping a black girl, stirring up violent racial discontent.

    No doubt that Mister Kristol will be rewarded for his gratuitous
smears of Buchanan with many invites by more and more of the liberal
media talk shows as they "grow to love him as their "pet conservative."
All they'll have to do is to play their "flute" and Mr. Kristol will
rise out of their "basket" to again smear Buchanan.

   Kenneth E. Wyman

"One must fight, if only to have fought according to one's conscience"

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