Tip of The Iceberg

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Thu Nov 4 21:02:39 MST 1999

At 04:07 PM 11/3/99 EST, Richard A Whitenight wrote:

>Do you get the feeling that all of these shootings are going to increase
>as we reach the end of this year?


> I feel that anyone on the edge of breaking, whether it be because of
problems at work, being laid off, troubles in their marriage, troubles with
financial problems, are going to cross that point from sanity to irrational
thought and will takes steps that he or she feel is necessary to rectify
their situation, and too often times, those reactions are irrational and
innocent individuals pay with their lives. I, for one, do not look forward
to the last days
>of this year.  The scum of the world are going to surface and try to make
>a name for themselves.

        Good point, Richard. This is a bad idea, if one thinks that going down in
history is "success"......


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