From Dickie Morris......

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Fri Nov 5 20:51:15 MST 1999

Dear friends,

     Thank you for logging onto the website.  The vast participation
has exceeded our wildest expectations.  By adding your voice to the tens of
thousands of voters who are logging on everyday, we will be able to impact
vital decisions in Washington.

     While our e-mails to Congress have, for the most part, been highly
welcome and have been met with positive and prompt replies, our e-mails to
the White House have been less well received.   Even though the President
reportedly called the site "very interesting" and said he would log on and
cast some votes himself, his minions were less enthusiastic.  When your
e-mails began to cascade down upon their bureaucratic heads, they first
all e-mails and called it  "viscious spamming." That's what they
think about your views.

    Yesterday,  they informed our server company that their system is now
automated to accept only 70 emails per hour from our site. So far, we have
sent them votes from only 4 of the referenda - a total of  82,790 individual
votes as of this 8:00 am today. At their rate of acceptance, it will take 60
days to accommodate the current backlog. Future votes will be accepted
sometime in the year 2000 - well after the issues you care about are decided.
That's not good enough! In order to make sure the White House hears you, we
will be creating e-mail petitions that will consolidate every one thousand
votes into a single e-mail.

    What an odd response from an elected Administration to hearing the views
of those who vote. It appears that the Internet Administration is burning the
bridge to the twenty-first century!  We urge you to send your own e-mails to
the White House, as individuals.  Their e-mail address is:
president at
Let them hear what you think about being called "viscious spammers" for
expressing your views to elected officials about important public issues.

     We are currently holding eight referenda: handguns for people under 21,
suing HMOs, hate crime coverage for gays and lesbians, vouchers for schools,
the FAA job performance,  funding for the Brooklyn Musuem, racial profiling
in law enforcement, and regulation of ATM fees. Later today we will begin a
vote on the Microsoft anti-trust suit.  Please come back and visit if you
haven't voted on all of the votes.  We are adding new votes every day.

    The site is catching on like wildfire!!! Thanks again,

Dick Morris and Eileen Mc Gann

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