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MEDIUM RARE - by Jim Rarey - November 1, 1999


Almost from the start of the media coverage this writer saw (beginning about
7:45AM Sunday morning), facts attributed to government agencies seem
determined to create controversies surrounding the crash of EgyptAir flight

At about 7:46AM (EST), when this writer started his VCR recording, Fox News
reporter Rita Crosby quoted FAA sources as confirming from Air Force
authorities that the flight had made a stop at Edwards Air Force base in
California shortly after leaving Los Angeles.

At 7:48AM, CNN reported that Cairo authorities had confirmed the stopover at
Edwards. At the same time CNN said that unnamed Pentagon sources claimed not
to be aware of any information to that effect.

At 7:51AM, MSNBC reported that the Pentagon confirms the stop at Edwards but
the FAA is now saying it did not happen.

At 7:53AM, CNN quoted the FAA as being firm that the flight did not stop at

Back to MSNBC. At 8:15AM reporter Chip Reed (located in front of the
Pentagon) says officials there deny that the flight stopped over at Edwards.

Later in the morning, Mary Chiavo, former Inspector General for the
Department of Transportation (DOT) explained that the controversy could be
resolved by air traffic controllers in Los Angeles who would know of any
diversion of the aircraft to Edwards, whether planned or unplanned. As of
10AM Monday morning, when this article is being written, this writer has
seen no statements attributed to Los Angeles air traffic controllers.
(Chiavo was forced out of DOT for being too critical of the FAA in
implementation of air safety standards.)

The next controversy revolved around whether or not an "SOS" had been issued
from the plane before it lost radio contact and began its plunge to the
Atlantic Ocean. Brian Williams reported on MSNBC, at 8:27AM, that Cairo
officials were claiming that one or two such emergency calls were made. All
U.S. Government sources have denied that any indications of an emergency
situation were made.

On all of the cable shows there was speculation about the possibility of a
terrorist bomb being responsible. One "expert" on MSNBC, consulting an
unidentified document, remarked that the inclusion of the letter "M" in the
flight designation meant it was carrying a mixture of passengers and cargo.
No further mention of this fact was made.

Later on CNN, Wolf Blitzer was interviewing another aviation "expert" in a
discussion of the security measures taken to insure that no passenger
luggage contained explosives. Wolf asked, "What about non-passenger cargo?"
Coverage was immediately switched to another location and the question was
never answered.

About a month earlier, the FAA had issued a travel warning that a threat had
been made to plant a bomb on a plane leaving either Los Angeles or New York
airports. A FBI spokesman dismissed the warning as coming from a man who was
in prison at the time and, "had a history of mental problems." No
explanation was given as to why the FAA took it seriously enough to issue
the warning, or whether or not the FBI had shared its "information" about
the author of the threat with the FAA. A question that begs to be asked is,
"Did the source of that threat have any known connections to any terrorist

A really bizarre coincidence came to light in the case of Edward McGlocklin;
Vice President of an organization named Family Enterprises Institute.
McGlocklin had been a passenger on Flight 990 from Los Angeles to New York
but deplaned at New York where he lives. He had been to Los Angeles to
deliver a speech to a conference on the subject of counseling family of
victims in fatal disasters, a subject in which he specializes. Hours after
the crash he was on the podium at the New York Port Authority describing
steps being taken to counsel families of the victims. He made no mention of
the fact that he had been on the flight from LA to JFK airport.

The media has been describing McGlocklin as having a contract with EgyptAir
for such counseling services. However, when McGlocklin took the podium he
described himself as an employee of the FBI! This has not been repeated by
any of the media this writer has watched.

Another coincidence in the timing of the disaster is that President Clinton
was scheduled to depart for Oslo, Norway later the same day (and did so
depart) to participate in a mid-east peace conference between the leaders of
Israel and Palestine. Hamas, one of the most virulent terrorist
organizations in the mid-east, has consistently vowed to derail the peace
talks through terrorist activities.

Perhaps the almost certain recovery of the two black boxes (actually orange
in color), the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder, will answer
some of the questions about the actual physical events prior to the crash.
However, other questions, i.e. did the plane make a stop at Edwards Air
Force base? will have to be answered by government (and other?) sources.

There are a number of people who could answer that question. We are told
that flight crews were changed at New York. The crew on the LA to New York
leg would certainly be able to answer the Edwards question. So would the air
traffic controllers in Los Angeles as well as Edward McGlocklin, who was a
passenger on that leg of the flight.

Whether or not the plane stopped at Edwards Air Force base may be critical
to the investigation. If it did, the next obvious question is why? Did
someone board the plane there, or was some type of military "cargo" loaded?

This writer has learned from the Oklahoma City bombing that many provable
facts, which the government later denies, come out immediately after the
disaster. That is one reason the author always keeps a blank tape in his VCR
so he can start recording as soon as the TV is turned on in coverage of

We may be in for another "TWA 800" controversy. Despite the eyewitness
reports of over one thousand people and the existence of physical evidence
to the contrary, the Government seems determined to pin the cause of that
disaster on a center wing tank, which, although it did ultimately explode,
was not the "initiating event" that brought the plane down.

The lies the government has been forced to admit in the Ruby Ridge and Waco
operations, and the provable (but as yet not admitted) disingenuous handling
of Oklahoma City and TWA 800, may have permanently damaged the government s
credibility. Like the little boy who cried wolf, even if they tell the
truth, they may not be believed.

LATE NEWS FLASH: At about 11:30AM (EST) MSNBC flashed updates across the
screen in a span of about five minutes in the following sequence.

Authorities have finished reviewing the passenger list and have found no
obvious terrorist targets on the plane.

Three Egyptian Air Force officers were passengers on the plane.

More than thirty Egyptian Military officers were on the plane. (Wanna bet
they didn t board at Edwards Air Force base?)

The more than thirty Egyptian Military (Air Force and Army) officers on the
plane were confirmed by Fox Cable News, at about 12:39PM.

By the time this article gets posted, you may have already heard the
government admit it has lied (again) and that the FAA fabricated a tire
change cover story at LA to account for the time at Edwards, which resulted
in a late arrival at JFK.

One can even envision the excuse, "to protect the Egyptian officers from a
potential terrorist attack should the enemy learn of their presence on the
plane. (Is the enemy the American public that has to be kept in the dark or
Islamic terrorists?)

What cannot be forgiven is the Egyptian and U.S. Governments allowing
innocent civilians (including two American tour groups, to be used as cover
for the transport of the Egyptian Military.

Stay tuned.

Permission is granted to reproduce this article in its entirety.

The author is a free lance writer based in Romulus, Michigan. He is a former
newspaper editor and investigative reporter, a retired customs administrator
and accountant, and a student of history and the U.S. Constitution.

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