Janet Reno is a Loser!

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Sat Nov 6 00:33:11 MST 1999

At 02:14 AM 11/6/99 EST, Richard A Whitenight wrote:

>Janet Reno boast how such a great day it is with Microsoft being declared
>a monopoly.

        She can't even *SPELL* monopoly!

> This lady needs to get her house in order first. After the recent
shootings in > Honolulu and Seattle, Reno and the Slickster speak about
better gun
> control. Reno needs to get her house in order and file charges against the
>  1,500 felons last year who attempted to purchase weapons, which is a
> federal offense.

        Having Slick in the WH is a federal offense, too!

>George W Bush Jr couldn't answer three of the four questions asked by
>that Boston newspaper reporter...who really gives a rat's ass?

        Uhm.......the rat?!?            ;op

> Buchanan and Alpha Gore see a chance to strike out at Bush for his >
weakness on knowing names of leaders in certain nations.

        Hell, Gore and Slick were in Monticello and didn't even know who's house
they were in!!!

> The slime ball liberals have the gall to take advantage of this scum bag
> reporter's pitiful attempt to embarrass Bush.

        What about the bashing Pete Rose got?

> Alpha Gore said he could have answered that question.

        Gore can't even get out of his own way!

> I'd like to see how many of the candidates could have answered
>the same question. Why do I get the feeling that the race for the
>President will turn even uglier before the first Tuesday of November


John A. Quayle

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redistribution. And the message is clear and concise: Go to hell."
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