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John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Mon Nov 8 00:34:44 MST 1999

[from Political correspondent & consultant, Chuck Muth:]

Trivial Pursuit of Dub Ya

        Not much really needs to be said about George W’s inability to answer a
series of loaded trivia questions about world leaders which VERY few in
this country would have been able to answer. In a nutshell: He was set up.
Still, “Alpha” Gore contends Bush’s failure to name obscure foreign leaders
shows he isn’t ready to handle the U.S.’s foreign policy. Heck, Clinton &
Gore have been at the helm of our nation’s ship of state for the past seven
years - and they’re STILL not able to handle our foreign policy!

        But what this does say about the Bush campaign is what a lot of us have
been saying for months: Bush’s failure to engage his primary opponents in
meaningful debate leaves him unprepared and vulnerable to the
rough-and-tumble of a general election campaign against Gore or Bradley.
Neither he nor his campaign appears ready for prime time - and they better
come down off their high-horse and start fighting for this nomination in
the trenches.

        And lastly, the criticism of W for devoting so much time to raising so
much money is misplaced - and Republican candidates running against him
should stop attacking him on it. He’s only playing the crappy hand that was
dealt him. The ridiculous straightjacket we’ve put our candidates in - from
both parties - by limiting contributions to a measly $1,000 - forces
candidates to spend more time raising money and less time talking with
voters and debating their opponents.

        Eliminating the limits would allow Bush and all other candidates to spend
more time campaigning and discussing issues and less time fundraising.
We’ve been very critical of our party’s front-runner in recent weeks -
particularly for his refusal to debate - but criticizing the man for
successfully raising money under the current dumb-ass system - or being
unable to name the president of Fredonia (go for it trivia buffs) -
certainly ain’t grist for
the mill.  Onward...

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