Will Microsoft Bite The Breakup Dust?

Mon Nov 8 12:54:31 MST 1999

I agree Ray.  I'm no fan of Microsoft.  If they are guilty of anything.
They are guilty of releasing products before they get the bugs worked
out of them, then they have to release numerous bug fixes (service
packs).  They are also guilty of releasing software with numerous
security holes.

With that said, I have to admit they've done a lot of good.  Microsoft
did make using a computer relatively easy.  Microsoft also did a good
thing for developers by setting a de facto standard for the OS.  Imagine
the confusion if software developers had to release their software for
windows, mac, and half a dozen other operating systems to reach the
American public.  It would take a helluva lot longer to release
anything, because several versions would have to be developed.  Also the
cost of the software would be more expensive than it is now.

I hope Gates takes this all the way to the supreme court.  If he looses
there I'd like to see him move his company out of the country.  I'm sure
the Bahamas or the Cayman islands would be glad to have him.

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