Will Microsoft Bite The Breakup Dust?

John Nebel nebel at ATHENA.CSDCO.COM
Tue Nov 9 06:39:49 MST 1999


X11/Mosaic predates and will probably postdate Windoze.

www.theregister.co.uk has had pretty extensive coverage of the trial.

At least breaking M$ into OS and applications companies would insure some
better documentation of interfaces.  The current undocumented kludge is
probably a danger to society.

John Nebel

On Mon, 8 Nov 1999, Dennis Putnam wrote:

> At 11:25 AM 11/8/99 PST, you wrote:
> >Jim:
> >
> >Microsoft haters should ask themselves a question: "Where would
> >computing be without Microsoft products?"
> >
> >My answer is: "In the dark ages" of archaic 'line entry' programs
> >that few people can understand, much less use on a regular basis."
> >But maybe that's what some of these people want: a world where they
> >are "The Elite."
> >
> I think that is a stretch. The windows paradigm was introduced by
> Steve Jobs on the MAC long before MS/Windows was developed. As far as
> I can see the real difference is that we would all be using MACs
> instead of PCs if Microsoft didn't exist.
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