He Got *WHAT*????

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[Folks, check this story out.......first of all, note how poorly the common
words are spelled. Secondly, note that it talks of "getting high", and
shooting "Mrs. Henry" (presumably, his teacher) - all of which brings up
what I think is the most bizarre element of all this - this author got a
score of 100 for his essay! Sheesh! - JohnQ.]

>Students being jailed for misdirected creativity.
>Jay Banks wrote:
>> [The Halloween horror-story that got the first
>> kid -- from Ponder, TX -- arrested is printed
>> below this story. From what I have been told,
>> his parents have removed him from public
>> school and placed him in a private school
>> -- Jay B.]

>> Punishment Essay Sparks
>> Arkansas Student's Arrest
>> LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Reuters) - An
>> Arkansas high school  student assigned
>> an essay as punishment for bringing a
>> straight razor to class was arrested
>> after writing that the best way to handle
>> a problem at school was to blow the
>> place up, authorities said Friday.
>> The 16-year-old student, who will be
>> charged with terroristic threatening, was ordered Friday
>> to undergo sychiatric testing, Sheriff Ron Webb of
>> Independence County told Reuters.
>> Webb said an official of Southside High School in
>> Batesville, about 90 miles northeast of Little Rock, had
>> directed the youth to write an essay about the dangers
>> of  bringing weapons to school after he was discovered
>> to have brought a straight razor to class several days
>> ago.
>> But when school officials read the result, they called
>> sheriff's deputies.
>> "He wrote that the best way to handle a problem at
>> school was to blow up the building with the principal
>> and the teachers and anyone else you were having a
>> problem with inside," Webb said.
>> "It was the darnedest thing you've ever read," he
>> commented.
>> The sheriff said the essay also explicitly threatened mass
>> violence like that at various U.S. schools in recent years.
>> "He said the other schools haven't seen anything like
>> (what he was planning)," Webb quoted the student as
>> writing. The teen  was taken Friday to a psychiatric
>> facility for observation, he  said.
>> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
>> Christopher Beamon, a 13-year-old
>> seventh-grader in the Texas town of Ponder,
>> got a 100 score from his teacher for a
>> Halloween horror-story writing assignment.
>> Authorities detained him on suspicion of
>> making terroristic threats and held him in
>> juvenile detention from Thursday until
>> reported on Tuesday.
>> In fresh editions, the paper reprints the
>> story as Christopher wrote it:
>>    My flashlight went out and I heard someone
>> right behind me and I turned in a very
>> slowly scared way and boom the lights came
>> on and the door bell rang. I walked very
>> slowly and creepy and turned the knob ding
>> dong the door bell went again. I said just
>> a minute and I will be right there and I
>> looked through the little hole in the door
>> and Robin said Boo. I told him to come in
>> and have a seat and we both wated and wated
>> for Ismael because he was supposed to bring
>> the (ounce) so we could get high but half
>> an hour later still no Ismael so I got the
>> idea of freeon and we grabbed a bag and a
>> knife and ran out back to the
>> airconditionar. We througth the bag over
>> the nostle and covered it tightly and used
>> the knife to press the volv. We started to
>> hear something after we got high so we
>> ditched everything we quickly run to the
>> door to see who it was and there wasn't
>> anybody there then we heard someone at the
>> back door to see who it was I thought it
>> was a crook so I busted out with a 12 guage
>> and Ismael busted out with 9 mm and we step
>> off the porch and this bloody body droped
>> down in front of us and scared us half to
>> death and about 20 kids started cracking up
>> and pissed me off so I shot Matt, Jake, and
>> Ben started laughing so hard that I
>> acssedently shot Mrs. Henry. Ismael saw
>> somebody steeling antifreeze so Ismael shot
>> over ther near the airconditonar and hit
>> somebody (indecipherable word) also
>> scattered out and went home and my mom
>> drove up and everything was back to normal
>> but they didn't have any heads.
>> END

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