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[Here is clear proof that a jerk remains a jerk - perhaps forever.
Moreover, there is no genuine display of remorse for being a jerk. Lastly,
said jerk is still being a jerk at our expense. Does this call for another
removal attempt? *D at MN STRAIGHT*, baby! - JAQ]

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As President Clinton travels the world fleecing American taxpayers, he
continues to embarrass the United States.  His recent trip to Oslo, Norway
was intended to be for the Middle East peace process.  Instead, Clinton was
more interested in chasing skirts.  U.S. diplomats in Oslo were ordered to
track down a former girlfriend from Clinton's Oxford days.  When the woman
was found, she rebuffed Clinton's offer, according to the Israeli newspaper

Clinton's next trip is to Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy and then Greece (moved to
 Nov. 19 as of this date) where he is not welcome.  Thousands of Greek
citizens have poured into the streets of Athens burning effigies of Clinton
as Hitler and holding mock trials for "genocide" in the Balkans.  It is
doubtful that any Greek women will take interest in him.

Former Clinton adviser Dick Morris is learning the hard way about internet
sabotage.  Morris, who has informed the public about Bill & Hillary, has
started up his own website ( which allows people to cast votes on
issues and have their responses sent to the White House and Congress.  To
date, over 20,000 e-mails forwarded to the White House have been blocked by
Clinton officials and "returned to sender."  Morris should have expected
this.  The White House routinely destroys correspondence from Americans.
Gary Aldrich's book "Unlimited Access" says Clinton officials
destroyed thousands of postal letters written to President Clinton and

Since starting up in January 1997, CIC has
also experienced numerous episodes of direct sabotage on our web site ---
including a complete shutdown for days at a time --- not to mention hate
mail and death threats.  "I suspect that most of these actions against CIC
came from the White House or indirectly through Carville-like cronies,"
says CIC's Scott Lauf.  "And I believe that White House entities still
monitor our site out of paranoia."

In recent months, conservative activists and free speech advocates have
been expressing concern over the federal government snooping on them.
According to a report on BBC Radio (11/2), the National Security Agency
(which reports directly to the White House) has a secret spy system
known as 'Echelon' which is capable of eavesdropping on people's e-mails,
faxes and phone calls.   It would not be a surprise if we were to find out
that the  Clinton White House controls this program.

Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA) wants official hearings into the matter.
CIC's Jack Clayton urges supporters to send comments of encouragement to
Rep. Barr at, and to also urge your
own Congressman to support hearings
( )

According to author Jeffrey Toobin, Independent Counsel Ken Starr could
have secured an immunity deal with Monica Lewinsky and issued an
impeachment report to Congress as early as February of 1998 when its
political impact would have been overwhelming.  Instead, Starr chose to
delay his report until September, thus saving the Clinton White House. Two
years ago, CIC's suspicions of Starr's  "independent" status were confirmed
when he issued a report denying Vince Foster was murdered.  It is no
coincidence that Starr's recent departure came on the heels of the release
of Patrick Knowlton's previously sealed report proving murder and a
cover-up.  "I think Starr was unwittingly, or perhaps cooperatively, a
stooge for the Clintons all along," says CIC's Steve Miroy.  "Sadly, both
the Clintons still go unpunished for their crimes in Whitewater, Filegate
and Travelgate, and it is left to citizen watch dog groups like CIC and
indvidual citizen action to take up the slack."

Two new books on Hillary provide vivid glimpses of the First Lady's
frightening and power-hungry persona.  In "Hillary's Choice" by Gail
Sheehy, it is revealed that Hillary dumped David Rupert, a college
boyfriend of three years, because he did not have the desire to run for
president -- thus explaining why she latched onto Bill Clinton (who has
wanted to be president since the age of 16).  And in the book "Hell to
Pay," author Barbara Olson not only exposes Hillary's radical socialist
beliefs and her roles in numerous White House crimes (Travelgate, Filegate,
et. al.), but also reveals some of Hillary's possible future goals.  She
may just pressure her husband to make a "recess" appointment for her to
head the World Bank or sit on the Supreme Court in late  2000.   Ms. Olson
also echoes the Clinton Investigative Commission's prediction that
Hillary's real ambition may be the White House.
Hillary Clinton recently received a $1,000 check from Darina Pavlova, whose
spouse Ilia Pavlov is a member of Bulgarian Organized Crime.  When news of
the crooked money hit the NY papers, Hillary returned the check.  Tell your
friends dirty money is nothing new for Hillary considering her role in
Chinagate .

One of Gore's top consultants is radical feminist Naomi Wolf, who advocates
teaching young children oral sex and masturbation.  Gore's campaign manager
is Donna Brazile, a radical lesbian activist and an '88 campaign aide fired
by Dukakis.  Wolf's salary has been cut from $15K to $5K per month, but the
Gore camp may still be violating FEC laws for not properly disclosing
Wolf's status. Many Americans need to hear about this.

The Russian money-laundering scam of IMF funds may seem like a scandal only
for corruption-plagued Moscow, but its roots are here in the United States
Capitol.  Under the guise of diplomatic partnership, Al Gore established
close ties with organized crime -linked politicians and advocated
disbursement of billions of dollars in aid and loans to Moscow (only to be
laundered through the Bank of New York, and others, for Russian Organized
Crime figures). While more indictments are pending against several Russian
"businessmen" here in the states, there has yet to be a full investigation
into Al Gore's links to these crooks.   CIC urges supporters to contact the
House International Affairs committee at HIRC at and demand
they investigate Al Gore's role.

Gore's first debate with Bradley was a snoozer. Vice President Gore was
visibly sweating throughout the forum --- much like Nixon in his infamous
1960 encounter with Kennedy.  Gore said he agreed with Barry Goldwater
"more and more as he moves to the center these days."  Hey Al,  Goldwater
is dead.

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