Where do Rush and Marta put their cell phones?

Pam Charles bluecalyptus at YAHOO.COM
Fri Nov 12 22:29:09 MST 1999

--- Jim Nantz <jnantz at STUDENT.GC.MARICOPA.EDU> wrote:
> I was just listening to Rush while he was talking
> with a caller
> about cell phones.  They were talking about the
> people who
> complain about other people using cell phones in
> public places.
> Rush said he could understand banning cell phones
> from ringing
> in the opera, or a broadway show.  He says:  "Set
> the phone to
> vibrate.  When it goes off enjoy yourself for a
> minute then go
> outside to answer it."
> Pam do you have one of those steam powered cell
> phones?
> Just where does Rush put his cell phone when he
> takes it with
> him?

Oooh, so ya wanna pick on Granny Pammy, eh?  My tele
is powered by 100 tiny fleas on a conveyor belt hooked
up to a micromageto. I got the fleas from from one of
Slick Willie's whores (who uses her answering cervix).

And I dunno where Rush puts his phone, but when it
comes Boy Klinton, I say lube 'im up and bring on that
phone booth over yonder. Ya .... HOOO!

Reach out and douche someone, Pam


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