Pour Mal d'Lair?!?

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>Subject: Pour Mal d'Lair?!?
>Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 01:07:34 -0500
>Coward Disgraces Veteran’s Day...Again
>“It's hard for men and women who served our country to properly celebrate
>Veteran's Day when they have to share it with a draft-dodging coward named
>William Jefferson Clinton....He refused to serve his country during the
>Vietnam war and now insults every veteran by imposing himself on the day
>reserved for those who did serve. Every Veteran's Day, this coward turns up
>at Arlington Cemetery to participate in the wreath-laying at the Tomb of
>Unknown and then delivers a standard, insincere speech where he claims to
>understand and care about those who served their country. I don't watch it.
>I can't. Seeing this lowlife standing on the hallowed ground of Arlington
>makes me vomit. It takes every ounce of self-control to keep from kicking
>in the television screen. Bill Clinton is shameless. He's proven that over
>and over again with his despicable conduct as President. But the gall of
>this gutless slimeball to actually set foot in Arlington and stand with
>those who served is the most sickenly revolting act of this scumbag's
>entire rotten career. He is a disgusting, slimy, filthy piece of rotting
>human trash who does not deserve to breath the same air as men and women
>who answered the call from their country. By even taking part of any event
>that honors veterans, he cheapens their service. Veterans, and this
>country, would be much better served if Bill Clinton would stay in the
>White House, hiding behind the bulletproof windows, shielded from the
>public by security systems and Secret Service agents. On Veterans Day, the
>only proper thing a coward can do is hide.”
>- Doug Thompson, Capitol Hill Blue, 12/12/99

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