Who was Lesse Dirkhising?

Mon Nov 15 13:03:58 MST 1999

I'll tell you why this story was ignored.  According to liberal dogma;
Queers are nice people.  Queers never do anything wrong.  If you're not
queer there is something wrong with you.  If they gave this story the
attention it deserves, it would blow away their notion that the faggots
are these great and wonderful people they would have us believe.

kewcomm1 at IX.NETCOM.COM wrote:
>   From a column by L. Brent Bozell III
>      "When Matthew Shepard died on October 12, 1998 at the age of
>      21, five days after getting into a pickup truck with two goons
>      who beat him mercilessly, he had already become a huge
>      national news story that continues today. It made the cover of
>      Time magazine with the headline "The War Over Gays," with
>      reporters predictably using the occasion to blame religious
>      conservatives and call for hate-crime laws and other gay-left
>      agenda items.
>      But when Jesse Dirkhising died on September 26 at the age of
>      13 from suffocation after being bound, gagged with underwear
>      in his mouth, blindfolded, taped to the bed, and sodomized by
>      one gay man while another gay man watched, the national
>      media said nothing, even after The Washington Times exposed
>      the untold story.
>      In this modern media age, when lurid murders, especially of
>      children, dance in the dreams of ratings-obsessed network
>      producers (can you say JonBenet?), why would this story go
>      untold?...."
>        --------------------------------------------
>           As equally horrific as were the murders of Matthew Shepard and
> Jesse Dirkhising, the "liberal sensitivities" of the media was evidently
> not equally offended by the rape/murder of Lesse, ergo, not worthy of
> their reporting and condemnation. And, it is equally evident one of many
> reasons why the integrity of the "mainstream press" continues to be self
> degraded.
> Ken Wyman
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> "One must fight, if only to have fought according to one's conscience"

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