Pour Mal d'Lair?!?

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Wed Nov 17 12:51:54 MST 1999

At 10:52 AM 11/17/99 PST, Ray Thomas wrote:
>You Wrote:
>But, be careful. He's a very vindictive SOB. He *WILL* destroy anybody in
>his path.
>That's what they make anonymous email addresses for.
>Besides: if he's after me, he already knows how to get me.
>If he does, he'll just have to feed me.

        He *MAY* try to starve you, just like he's doing to me. Oh, and remember
what happened to Ron Brown, Vince Foster, Danny Cassolero, the two boys on
the railroad tracks and so forth.......

Blindfold, Anyone?
A Last Cigarette, perhaps?


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