Some Thoughts On Egypt Air & The Crash

RWhitenigh at AOL.COM RWhitenigh at AOL.COM
Thu Nov 18 10:39:24 MST 1999

As one could image, the leaches and sharks of society (i.e. money hungry
lawyers) have probably decended on the multitude of families and loved ones
involved in the EgyptAir flight 990 crash.  Due to certain ideosyncracies
<sp> of international law, many individuals may not be able to sue either the
airlines, the United States, or Egypt reference their family member loss
after the tragic loss of Flight 990. Some of those sharks/lawyers are
protesting via the various cable news networks, that it just ain't fair that
some of the survivors won't be able to sue.

EgyptAir says that this was not a suicide flight, just because one of the
piolots was heard uttering a islamic prayer....right.  To me this was not
suicide, but an act of mass murder.

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