Payback Time for Gennifer

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Fri Nov 19 11:24:37 MST 1999

   Clinton's political "storm troopers" Jimmie "Car-vile" and
Georgie Stephanopoulos may finally "pay" for helping their boss Bill
ruthlessly defame Gennifer Flowers for daring to tell the truth.

>From Judicial Watch    November 18, 1999


Carville and Stephanopoulos Sued for Slander and Libel

"(Washington, D.C.) Today, after years of being
disparaged, vilified and defamed by the President
and his men - in particular, James Carville and
George Stephanopoulos - Gennifer Flowers has
responded with a lawsuit filed in the United States
District Court for the District of Nevada.

"Having been proved correct by the President's
and Mrs. Clinton's own belated admissions, the
time has now come for justice. If people like
Carville and Stephanopoulos think they can walk
away from the wreckage that they have caused in
certain peoples' lives, particularly women like
Gennifer Flowers, they are sadly mistaken," stated
Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel
Larry Klayman, who filed suit on Ms. Flowers'

Ken Wyman

"One must fight, if only to have fought according to one's conscience"

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