More Anger From CapHill Blue!

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Tue Nov 23 21:24:33 MST 1999

Spin By Any Other Pol Smells Just As Bad

        “Dennis J. Hastert, the lackluster leader of the do-nothing U.S. House of
Representatives actually had the balls to stand up in front of reporters
Thursday night and claim the 106th Congress had actually accomplished
something. Hastert must be auditioning for the Bill Clinton Liar's Hall of
Fame. While his incredible attempts to turn crap into something that
doesn't smell might not reach the audacity of ‘I did not have sex with that
women,’ it still ranks pretty high on any sane person's
lie-o-meter....Republican leadership? An oxymoron at best and a sick joke
at worst. These bozos couldn't lead a pack of Cub Scouts off the Washington
Mall with a roadmap and a satellite GPS system. The 106th Congress is only
half over, but they might as well have stayed home and phoned it in. Better
yet, we would be better off if they went home and stayed there...Given this
record, Denny Hastert must have taken several tokes on some pretty strong
weed before he could get up in front of reporters Thursday night and claim,
with a straight face, that he and his party has accomplished anything. The
pundits say the Speaker was practicing the time-honored tradition of
Washington ‘spin.’ Spin, my ass. It was a bald-faced lie.”

- Doug Thompson, editor, Capitol Hill Blue, 11/19/99

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