Liberal turkeys

Wed Nov 24 15:50:23 MST 1999

I found this on Smoker Dave's site at

After serious smoke filled thinking, I have concluded most of us will be
eating Liberal Turkies. And here is my reasoning why.

                        LIBERAL(FARM RAISED)TURKIES

Welfare : subsidized housing, food, and healthcare
Lack of : individuality, dissent, and ability to think clearly
Considers living at the farmer's ie gov't expense "a job"
No individual responsibilty, everyone is a victim
It "Takes A Village"
If released to the real world, would not survive
When heading to the slaughterhouse, blames the Conservative Turkies

                         CONSERVATIVE (WILD)TURKIES

Provides for it's own housing, food, and health
Individuality is a must
Always questioning of it's surroundings
Smart enough not to look up in the rain and drown
Does not live at the expense of a farmer ie gov't handouts
Individual responsibilty for it's own survival
Knows life isn't fair
Does live and survive in the real world
When hunted depends on it's own skills to survive or perish

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