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Sat Jan 1 04:28:41 MST 2000

Probably you are right, the middle class is so confident of themselves that
they don't understand that their ethnicity is being isolated by those that
they have supported for 3 generations and they get involved with the race
thing. This has little to do with race anymore than religion or language
and so forth. The EAs are about to be treated like the untouchables were in
India or the minorities elsewhere. In the case of the US the minorities
have become the majority and vice versa. The civil rights laws now belong
to the majority minorities. And the new minorities have no protection.  Jay

> From: Paul Wybrant <febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM>
> Subject: European-Americans
> Date: Thursday, July 03, 1997 9:55 PM
> Chuck Warman wrote:
> >
> > >The EAs have been sold a bill of goods by propaganda to continue to
use the
> > >denigrated old legal title of "white, not of hispanic origins", and
> > >all-hemisphere title of "American" which cannot legally be confiscated
> > >the US.
> > >
> > >If the European Americans are to survive in this multicultural society
> > >must be legally recognized by the US government. Get off your seats
> > >help! Jay Burchett Prof. (ret), founder National European American
> > >PO Box 10103, Prescott, AZ 86304 <nunes at>
> >
> > Dear God, man, why fight lunacy with more lunacy? The USA is becoming
> > Balkanized as it is -- and you want to add yet another "reference
> >
> > This sounds like thinly disguised white supremacist propaganda.
> >
> > Chuck
>         Amen to that, Chuck.  I care more about the
>         kind of society that the country will inherit
>         and could care less about the chromatic properties
>         of our descendants' skin.
>         I know two couples.  One white couple have
>         lived in Taiwan for forty years.  Their kids
>         grew up there speaking Mandarin and precious
>         little English.
>         The other couple are Chinese and have lived
>         in the United States for thirty years.
>         Their children can barely read the menu in
>         a Chinese restaurant, but speak English with
>         the most authentic of southern drawls.
>         Which of these children are American? and
>         which are Chinese?  Indeed, which of them
>         is more European, for crying out loud?
>         For God's sake, Professor Jay, recognize a
>         lost cause for what it is and spare the world
>         a lot of unnecessary commotion.
>         Regards, PapaPaul

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