what's with Jay?

Jay Klingman nunes at NORTHLINK.COM
Sat Jan 1 06:42:00 MST 2000

> From: Jim Nantz <jimn at INFICAD.COM>
> To: RUSHTALK at athena.csdco.com
> Subject: what's with Jay?
> Date: Friday, July 04, 1997 1:07 AM
> Jay what's up?  You've replied to several posts with whatever that was
> you've been sending out about Clinton, race baiters, and puppets.  While
> don't disagree with your right to say what you want to (first
> I find myself wondering what Clinton, race baiters, and puppets have to
> with abortion, or volcanoes in the antarctic.  Maybe you can help me
> Most if not all of us here are tired of people trying to use race in an
> attempt to divide people.  Most if not all of us believe that the way to
> end racial hatred is not to create yet another group, or to divide
> further but to judge everyone by the content of their character not the
> color of their skin.

Wow! I wonder if Rush realizes that his conservative name is being taken in
vain. I wonder when you are going to convince the African Americans, Asian
Americans and the Hispanic Americans to give up their chosen titles that
bear much in the way of donations and taxpayer money? You sound like a
howling liberal and probably feel good when you say something profound like
the obvious "character not color of skin". Looks like you are beginning to
twirl around in a vacumn.  Jay

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