Global Warming and the volcanos

Jay Klingman nunes at NORTHLINK.COM
Sat Jan 1 07:13:30 MST 2000

Nope! This isn't either a thickly or thinly disquised white supremist
propaganda. The liberal supremists are manuevering in every way for the
middle class to remain with the "skin colored" title. The fear is that the
middle class might become organized for the first time in history and lead
our country out of this socialism/commie morass we are falling into. You
psuedo liberals out there be warned, the taxpayers will stand our ground.

> From: Chuck Warman <cwarman at WF.NET>
> Subject: Re: Global Warming and the volcanos
> Date: Thursday, July 03, 1997 8:57 PM
> >The EAs have been sold a bill of goods by propaganda to continue to use
> >denigrated old legal title of "white, not of hispanic origins", and the
> >all-hemisphere title of "American" which cannot legally be confiscated
> >the US.
> >
> >If the European Americans are to survive in this multicultural society
> >must be legally recognized by the US government. Get off your seats and
> >help! Jay Burchett Prof. (ret), founder National European American
> >PO Box 10103, Prescott, AZ 86304 <nunes at>
> Dear God, man, why fight lunacy with more lunacy? The USA is becoming
> Balkanized as it is -- and you want to add yet another "reference group"!
> This sounds like thinly disguised white supremacist propaganda.
> Chuck
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