FW: Distrust Of Government

Jay Klingman nunes at NORTHLINK.COM
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Far too much control by the liberal extremists and not enough control by
the Constitutional middle class taxpayers to confront the "majority
minorities" in their African American, Asian American and Hispanic American
control pressure groups. Answer: cooperate with each other and create
solidarity through a balancing ethnic European American group with the same
legal rights as the NON-European Americans. Many from the conservative
minorities would join the EAs.  Jay

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> >Didn't USA Today just do a poll in which 53% of the respondents
> >agree that "limitations ought be placed on the 1st Amendment rights
> >of those groups [I think they were refferring specifically to
> >who speak out in opposition/criticism of the government"  ?
> >
> >  SNIP
> This wouldn't suprise me if true. Here is a clear illustration of the
> insidious side of revisionist history. The reason for that 53% is because
> they don't have a clue what our founders and the millions of Americans
> fought and died for. They were never taught why the Constitution was
> as it is, why our founders were so fearful of government that they were
> willing to even let their enemies speak freely so as to assure they could
> the same. What a said commentary on the through process of modern
> and what a tribute to the success of the politically correct
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