FW: Distrust Of Government

Jay Klingman nunes at NORTHLINK.COM
Sat Jan 1 10:49:10 MST 2000

Unfortuneately the European Americans is the only ethnic group that has no
entitlements. All of the others are legally recognized by the gov and have
copious civil rights laws written for them even though the intendment was
to protect the blacks after the civil war where 500,000 EAs periished
freeing them. Now all of the minorities have adopted the civil rights laws
which were not intended for them. Remember affirmative action includes
everyone except Europian Americans. You must organize your ethnicity and
demand equal justice and soon.  Jay

> From: Stephen A. Frye <safrye at concentric.net>
> To: RUSHTALK at athena.csdco.com
> Subject: Re: FW: Distrust Of Government
> Date: Thursday, July 10, 1997 9:06 AM
> >I am just your average citizen, but it would seem to me it would be
> >better to have no groups getting special treatment, everyone should
> >be treated equal and that way everyone is an American.  The society
> >has changed, let's update the laws and let society work it out.  By
> >update get rid of laws that don't apply or work as intended and let
> >the people fix it.
> >
> I don't think we can let the people fix it.  That's what happened with
> race riots in the 60's and again here in L.A. after the Rodney King
> Stephen Frye

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